John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for John Deere Model L, LA, and LI tractors
Some parts for LU series power units


Engine Parts: Carburetors, Blocks,. Pistons, Crankshafts, Ring gears, Throttle parts, oil breather cap, oil breather tube, Crankshaft pulleys, manifolds, hand cranks, various covers and all engine parts

Transmission, Clutch, Brake, and Final Drive Parts

Wheels: Front wheels and Hubcaps, Rear wheels, Rear rims and centers, Wheel weights

Sheet metal and Exterior parts: Serial tags, Base and shield, grilles, driveshaft covers, fenders, hoods, gas tanks, air cleaners, air tubes, seats, seat frames, drawbar parts

Electrical parts: Magnetos, Generators, Starters, Battery base, switches, ammeters

Front end and steering parts: Axles, spindles, steering arms, steering boxes and shafts, drag links, including complete fixed front ends

Radiators: Cooling system parts: Radiators, water pipes, fans, fan assemblies, including LUC radiators and water pipes

Hercules L- Items specific to the Hercules engine L's: engine parts, air cleaners, clutch parts, front wheels without the holes for wheel weights, throttle linkage

Implements: Some parts for L/LA Cultivators (corn and vegetable), plows, and mowers. Special offer-FREE operators manuals for most implements

LUC engines- Parts that are special to the LUC engines, most engine parts are the same as the LA tractor




I've parted some rough tractors, but I think this one takes the cake! It started as a late LA. Wonder how the transmission ever took that big 6 cylinder GM engine and the 15-24 tires. By the way, this one is #42, but not too many useful parts here! I've now parted 74 L series tractors.


25 pounds of bolts, nuts, washers, and other hardware from tractor disassembly. It includes many of the old style heavy headed nuts and bolts. All hardware is from John Deere Model A, B, H, L, LA, 40, and/or M tractors. $25 for all and I can ship in a flat rate box for an additional $17, total of $42.