John and Kathy Boehm
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LU radiator (will fit in an LA, but you may also want the pipes shown below), core leaks and it may not be salvageable), $25

L4574T and L4575T pipes to fit the LUC radiator. $20 each. I f you are putting an LU raditior in your L or LA, you will need these pipes to make the hoses fit the LU radiator.

Larger diameter radiator cap, $12


Fan assemblies with very good bushings, similar to above, Ready to use, $85

This fan assembly has very good bearings, but the fan blade needs straightening (or use you own fan blade), $65

L4264T Used fan belt, $10

- -

Good fan blades, $15 each, similar to above

Reverse fan fan, $15 (G)

Fan hub, some play in the shaft, as-is, $10

- -

Fan hubs, $12 each, your choice

Shaft for fan, $12

L343T Upper water pipe for Hercules L, $25

L636T L/LA lower water pipe $10

L4116T upper water pipe, similar to above, no breaks or repairs, $20

This L4116T pipe has a welded repair and is in good condition, $9

Shop built lower water pipe between L636T and radiator, $5

Correct and original hose clamps to fit L343T, L636T, and L4116T pipes. $6 each

Radiator bottom tank, $10