John and Kathy Boehm
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LUC #2 Radiator, has one, possibly two leaks in the core to be repaired, fins also show some fan damage, this will fit an LA tractor with the upper and lower pipes shown below, as-is, $70

L4574T and L4575T pipes to fit the LUC radiator, sold only with the above LUC radiator, $50

L4574T upper pipe, this is the larger diameter pipe for the LUC radiator, $30, one only available
Sorry, no L4575T upper pipe available at this time

L343T Upper water pipe for Hercules L, $25

L636T L/LA lower water pipe $10

L4116T upper water pipe, similar to above, no breaks or repairs, $20

This L4116T pipe has a welded repair and is in good condition, $9

Shop built lower water pipe between L636T and radiator, $5

Correct and original hose clamps to fit L343T, L636T, and L4116T pipes. $6 each

Radiator bottom tank, $10


AL2688T Fan assemblies with very good bushings, similar to above, Ready to use, $75

L4264T Used fan belt, $10

- -

Good fan blades, $15 each, similar to above

Reverse fan fan, $15 (G)

Fan hub, some play in the shaft, as-is, $10

- -

Fan hubs, $12 each, your choice

Shaft for fan, $12