John and Kathy Boehm
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L4312T Headlight bracket, $80, original part with no breaks or repairs (compare at $93-135 for a reproduction)


Two views of a Wico X magneto, came from a running tractor, good and hot spark, $250


L4287T Starter rod (original) with non-original knob, $25

Set Screw and jam nut for starter, $12

L4247T Starter switch lever, $11

Generator belt, not good, but use to measure your new belt, free with any order


1873774 Starter end cap for Delco starter with brushes, $40

L4225T, Starter hole cover, $12

Cap for Edison Splitdorf magneto, $15

Spark plug wire holder, $10

Channel for wire on steering post, $10

AL2824T Battery mounting plate, $75

AL2818T Battery hold down (shop built), $15