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John Deere L and LA Clutch, Transmission, Brake, and Final Drive Parts


AL2835T Clutch disk with lining for L, LA, and LI, $20

AL2834T Pressure plate for L, LA, and LI, $20

Clutch pedal for L, LI, LA with JD engine, $15

L4223T Clutch pedal return spring,, $10

Clutch rod with yoke, repaired, but usable, $15

Clutch rod with yoke, very good conditiuon, $20

L4123T clutch housing only, $25

- -

L535T Clutch shaft housing cover (pulley hole cover) original, $25 each

Belt pulley mounting bolts, $1 each

L4186T, Retainer for clutch fork spring, $5

L4230T, Clutch fork spring, $5

Used AL4150T Throwout bearing carrier sleeve, $10

NOS AL4150T Throwout bearing carrier sleeve, $20

AL4182T, Clutch throw out fork, $15

Clutch shaft rear bearing retainer, AL20293T, $8

FOR Hercules L:

Hercules L Clutch pedal, $20

Spider that fits either transmission or clutch housing, $10

- -

L373T Fabric Disk,two available, $40 each


L373T Fabric Disk,like new condition, two available, $50 each

Bolt, washer, and nut for attaching propeller shaft disk to spider, $1 per set

Propeller shaft for L or LA, $35


AL4004T, Gear First and Reverse, 41 Teeth, slight pitting on teeth for $20

AL4006T, Gear, Third speed driven, 28 teeth, $20


For LA only: AL4228T Gear, Second speed driven, 37 teeth, $80

For L only: AL4005T Gear, Second speed driven, 36 teeth, $80

AL2603T, Reverse Idler Gear, $15
AL4016T, Shaft for Reverse Idler Gear, $10

AL2715T, Upper Shaft for LA (the gear next to the large gear has 18T), complete with four gears, good condition, $120

AL2602T top shaft for L (the gear next to the large gear has 19T), $60 (similar to above)

Pinion (Lower) Shaft, with bearing, nut, washers, shims, $25

L4030T, Nut for Lower Shaft, $5
L4031T Washer, Plain for lower shaft, $2
L4019T, Bevel Washer for Lower shaft, $6

L4039T, Shim for Lower Shaft, front, $.50 each
JD8106R, Bearing for Rear Upper Shaft and Front Lower shaft, $5

Matched differntial assembly and Pinion (lower) shaft, excellent condition, with bearings, nut, and washers, $50, your choice

Complete differential assembly with Ring gear, side gears, and bearings: $25

JD7423T, Bearing Cup for Differential, $4

L504T, Differential Bearing Cup Strap, $3

L4024T, Cover for Lower Shaft, Front, $5

L4036T, Shim for Upper Shaft Bearing retainer, $0.75 each

AL4001T, Bearing Retainer for Upper shaft, front, $10

L505T, Differential Cover, $15


Complete transmission and differential still in the case, $275. If you want to save on shipping cost, I can disassemble it and send everything but the cast case.

AL2601T/ L4000T, Transmission Case, (55 lb) $20


Transmission case (side shift) that is stamped "L" on top, $30

Shifter assembly with excellent forks, the best of the bunch, $45

Shifter assembly similar to above, $35, your choice

LA trans side shifter welsh plug, $5

NOS L4011T shfter fork, $9

Clutch parts used with Hercules engines


L606T Clutch pedal, $20

AL2065T Clutch throw out rod, $17

Clutch fork and shaft for Hercules L- $25

AL2238T (L520T casting number) Clutch housing with shaft and throw out bearing, $60

AL20293T, Rear bearing retainer, $10

AL2240T, Shaft in clutch housing, $35


AL2338T Engine house rear support, used only with the clutch housing on Hercules engines, $20



Late style brake band #2 with good lining and good brake rod, $40

Late style brake band with good lining, $30

Late style brake band with lining that may be usable, but is worn to the rivet in some spots, $18

Late style brake band with no lining, beadblasted, $15

Brake rod with both yokes for later style brakes, no breaks or repairs, $20 (two available)

Shorter late style brake rod, $10

Brake rod, $5
Yoke $5

Yoke $5

L256T brake spring, NOS still in original packaging, $10 one available


L207T Brake return spring, $4

L198T Clip to attach brake return spring, $4

Brake bands early style, with rod to yoke broken off short, needs new lining, $5 each

Brake bands early style with unbroken rod and yoke, needs lining, $15


Brake pedals with latches, $7.50 each

Brake drum, $7 each

Final Drive


Shafts from transmission to final drives, either long or short, $10 each
AL172T Spring on shaft, $5

Two views of a complete final drive assembly, with brake band. left and right side available. Special price on these two only of $75 each, can ship UPS

L/LA Final drive welch plug, $5

AL2021T NOS pinion shaft seal in original packaging, $15


AL2021T NOS pinion shaft seal in original packaging, $15

Final drive pinion, specify 14 tooth or 15 tooth (both available), $15

Axle for L or LI, $28


Axle for LA, $28

L134T, NOS, Quill, pinion shaft, $15

L134T, NOS in original packaging, Quill, pinion shaft, $20

L134T, Quill, pinion shaft, $10

L619T, Outer quill, flanged shaft, $15

L160T, Shims, some NOS, $1 each

L136T, Inner quill, flanged shaft, $5

Good used AL2683T final drive bull gears for L, LA, similar to those shown, $16 each

Plain washer for flanged shaft, $4
L140T Beveled washer for flanged shaft, $9

L140T NOS Beveled washer for flanged shaft, $14

AL616T Final drive bottom cover, $16