John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere L and LA Clutch, Transmission, Brake, and Final Drive Parts


AL2835T Clutch disk with lining for L, LA, and LI, $20

AL2834T Pressure plate for L, LA, and LI, $20

Clutch pedal for L, LI, LA with JD engine, $15

L4223T Clutch pedal return spring,, $10

Clutch rod with yoke, repaired, but usable, $15

Clutch rod with yoke, very good conditiuon, $20


L4123T Clutch housiung with all internal parts, including shaft,throw out bearing, fork, operating lever, spider, and engine house support. When added to an LUC engine, this gives all the parts needs to put that engine in an L or LA tractor. $200

L4123T clutch housing only, $25

- -

L535T Clutch shaft housing cover (pulley hole cover) original, $25 each

Belt pulley mounting bolts, $1 each

L4186T, Retainer for clutch fork spring, $5

L4230T, Clutch fork spring, $5

Used AL4150T Throwout bearing carrier sleeve, $10

NOS AL4150T Throwout bearing carrier sleeve, $20

AL4182T, Clutch throw out fork, $15

Clutch shaft rear bearing retainer, AL20293T, $8

FOR Hercules L:

Hercules L Clutch pedal, $20

Spider that fits either transmission or clutch housing, $10

- -

L373T Fabric Disk, three available, $40 each

Bolt, washer, and nut for attaching propeller shaft disk to spider, $1 per set

Propeller shaft for L or LA, $35


AL4004T, Gear First and Reverse, 41 Teeth, slight pitting on teeth for $20

AL4006T, Gear, Third speed driven, 28 teeth, $20


For LA only: AL4228T Gear, Second speed driven, 37 teeth, $80

For L only: AL4005T Gear, Second speed driven, 36 teeth, $80

AL2603T, Reverse Idler Gear, $15
AL4016T, Shaft for Reverse Idler Gear, $10

AL2715T, Upper Shaft for LA (the gear next to the large gear has 18T), complete with four gears, good condition, $120

AL2602T top shaft for L (the gear next to the large gear has 19T), $60 (similar to above)

Pinion (Lower) Shaft, with bearing, nut, washers, shims, $25

L4030T, Nut for Lower Shaft, $5
L4031T Washer, Plain for lower shaft, $2
L4019T, Bevel Washer for Lower shaft, $6

L4039T, Shim for Lower Shaft, front, $.50 each
JD8106R, Bearing for Rear Upper Shaft and Front Lower shaft, $5

Matched differntial assembly and Pinion (lower) shaft, excellent condition, with bearings, nut, and washers, $50, your choice

Complete differential assembly with Ring gear, side gears, and bearings: $25

JD7423T, Bearing Cup for Differential, $4

L504T, Differential Bearing Cup Strap, $3

L4024T, Cover for Lower Shaft, Front, $5

L4036T, Shim for Upper Shaft Bearing retainer, $0.75 each

AL4001T, Bearing Retainer for Upper shaft, front, $10

L505T, Differential Cover, $15


Complete transmission and differential still in the case, $275. If you want to save on shipping cost, I can disassemble it and send everything but the cast case.

AL2601T/ L4000T, Transmission Case, (55 lb) $20


Transmission case (side shift) that is stamped "L" on top, $30

Shifter assembly with excellent forks, the best of the bunch, $45

Shifter assembly similar to above, $35, your choice

NOS L4011T shfter fork, $9

Clutch parts used with Hercules engines


L606T Clutch pedal, $20

AL2065T Clutch throw out rod, $17

Clutch fork and shaft for Hercules L- $25

AL2238T (L520T casting number) Clutch housing with shaft and throw out bearing, $60

AL20293T, Rear bearing retainer, $10

AL2240T, Shaft in clutch housing, $35


AL2338T Engine house rear support, used only with the clutch housing on Hercules engines, $20



Late style brake band #2 with good lining and good brake rod, $40

Late style brake band with good lining, $30

Late style brake band with lining that may be usable, but is worn to the rivet in some spots, $18

Late style brake band with no lining, beadblasted, $15

Brake rod with both yokes for later style brakes, no breaks or repairs, $20 (two available)

Shorter late style brake rod, $10

L256T brake spring, NOS still in original packaging, $10 one available


L207T Brake return spring, $4

L198T Clip to attach brake return spring, $4

Brake bands early style, with rod to yoke broken off short, needs new lining, $5 each

Brake bands early style with unbroken rod and yoke, needs lining, $15


Brake pedals with latches, $7.50 each

Brake drum, $7 each

Final Drive


Shafts from transmission to final drives, either long or short, $10 each
AL172T Spring on shaft, $5

Two views of a complete final drive assembly, with brake band. left and right side available. Special price on these two only of $75 each, can ship UPS

AL2021T NOS pinion shaft seal in original packaging, $15

AL2021T NOS pinion shaft seal in original packaging, $15

Final drive pinion, specify 14 tooth or 15 tooth (both available), $15

Axle for L or LI, $28


Axle for LA, $28

L134T, NOS, Quill, pinion shaft, $15

L134T, NOS in original packaging, Quill, pinion shaft, $20

L134T, Quill, pinion shaft, $10

L619T, Outer quill, flanged shaft, $15

L160T, Shims, some NOS, $1 each

L136T, Inner quill, flanged shaft, $5

Good used AL2683T final drive bull gears for L, LA, similar to those shown, $16 each

Plain washer for flanged shaft, $4
L140T Beveled washer for flanged shaft, $9

L140T NOS Beveled washer for flanged shaft, $14

AL616T Final drive bottom cover, $16