John and Kathy Boehm
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Propeller Shaft Cover

Four views of an excellent wide propeller shaft cover, includes working choke cable, $300

Support bracket, $9

Base and Shield


Two views of an AL2421T crank guide, as shown in the first photo, two of the ears have been reattached, the second photo shows the mounting tab for the grille is gone. $45


L637T crank guide in perfect condtion, no breaks or repairs, $100

Serial Number tags and frames


LA frame, nice condition, no serial tag, $60 your choice

Air Cleaner


Front and rear views of a complete air cleaner, with cup and cap, no cuts or repairs, no rust through,$200

AL2443T Bail with roller, $15

AL2443T Bail with roller, one side needs to be re bent, $5

AL2444T Baffle plate, $15

L995T Clip to hold baffle in place, $7

AL20306T Air cleaner oil cup, for use ewith eyebolt assemblies, no holes, no dents, $40


AL20306, Air cleaner cup, no holes, no rust through, no dents, has correct baffle and baffle clamp, $50


AL2442T Weather Cap for air cleaner, correct, original, no dents, $35

AL20305T Clamps for air cleaner cap, $7 each

Correct and original hose clamps for air tube, $6 each

AL20133T Air cleaner oil cup hook, $3 each

L4316T MOunting reinforcing plate, $10



L4313T, U-shaped support, $60

L4313T, U-shaped support, $60


L609T Drawbar support to frame Bracket, $25 each

AL2066T Nice front crosspieces, $40, your choice

Drawbar strap with two original pins, $15

Seat and Seat parts


Front and back views of 3 hole AD1606R seat, excellent condition, $100

AL2458T Seat bracket, no spring, excellent condition, no cuts or repairs, $80

L547T Seat spring with two L552T seat spring holders, and bolt and square nut, $50

New L547T Seat spring, identical in every way to the originals, $29

Original nut and bolt for seat bracket, $14

Seat spring and bolt, works, not original, $10

Original stud and nut to attach seat bracket to rear axle housing, $5


Hoods and Gas Tanks for John Deere L and LA tractors

All hoods can be shipped UPS.


Original, larger diameter gas or radiator caps, will need new gaskets, $12


- - - -

Nice gas caps, $9 each


Dented gas cap, $4

- - -

Usable sediment bowl, $12, your choice



AL2764T LA tank #4, sound condition, will need cleaning and it has a bottom repair at the center of the "x", $30

AL2764T LA tank #6, sound condition, no repairs, will need cleaning, $75

AL2764T LA tank #1, sound condition, there is a weell done repair on the bottom (see yellow arrows), will need cleaning, $25

Fuel tank mounting brackets (LA shown), $8 each

L fuel tank straps, $8 each

Homemade fuel line, $6

Gasoline line, sediment bowl to carburetor, $8

AL2270T Hercules L tank- the bottom has rusted out and was repaired with fiberglass- it will need further repair- as-is, $20

Engine house


AL2070T Engine house rear plate assembly for Unstyled L only, note weel done weld on one side (shown in second photo), $125



LU hoods


LUC hood with steel serial tag, serial # 13926, $35


Fenders for John Deere L and LA tractors
All fenders can ship UPS

Special fender bolts, $2 each

Below are L Fenders (Unstyled L and Styled L are the same)

Left hand L fender, #1, good condition, $60

Left hand L fender, white #2, good condition, $60


Below are LA Fenders

Left hand LA #1, $35

Left hand LA #2, $35

Left hand LA #3 $40

Left hand LA #4 $40

Left hand LA #5, $25

Left hand LA $6, $35

LA left hand #9, $25

LA left hand #11, $20



LA right hand #2, $30

Right hand LA #4, $15

Right hand LA #5, $25

Right hand LA #6, $30

LA RH #9, $25

Right hand LA fender #10, $25

Right hand LA #15, $30