John and Kathy Boehm
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If you are having trouble with the above email link, simply send an email to us at


We prefer email at Rusty Acres Ranch and This is so we can have a record of price quotes and orders in order to serve you more efficiently. We answer all emails as possible. It will help if you email your want list so we can check on availablility and condition. Also include your zip code so we can calculate shipping charges.

Payment may be made by personal check, money order, or Paypal (you can use your credit card to make Paypal payments). We are not set up to accept credit cards directly. Further ordering information will be given along with the price quote. If you send payment via either certified mail or delivery confirmation that needs a signature, it may delay your order as it is rarely convenient for us to sign for items at the Post office.

Many of you feel that you have to talk to someone on the phone to "feel good" about your order. I'm sorry, but we are not in to answer the phone very often and if you ask about certain parts, it will usually require a return call after we check availability and shipping cost. Phone calls will reach voicemail due to the high volume of junk calls from solicitors and I admit that I am terrible at returning phone calls. Please use email to insure a prompt answer!

We can ship most items, but if you prefer to pick up larger items or possibly have them delivered to a show that we will be attending, that may be arranged. We can also obtain quotes for truck freight shipping on larger items.

Some of you have asked why we don't have a storefront type of website with direct ordering. Two reasons: We maintain this website ourselves and that is beyond what we can do at this time. Second, and most important, many of the used parts that we sell are in limited quantitites, usually just one of each item shown. By having you email first, we can check my inventory and give you a definite answer on availability and condition, then we can put it aside for you until your payment arrives.

Thank you for your understanding,

John Boehm
Rusty Acres Ranch
Woodland, CA