John and Kathy Boehm
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Wheels, Rims, and Hub Caps for John Deere L, LA, and LI






L607T wheel #1, with no breaks or repairs, no bearings, bearing races, or felt retainer, $40

L607T wheel #2, with a small chip at the outside rim, no other breaks or repairs, $60 with both bearings and retainer


L607T wheel #4, with a well done repair on the inside rim (area circled in black), $50 with both bearings and retainer


L607T wheel #R2, unbroken, no repairs, but has a barely noticable crack on one of the inner ribs, $50


Two views of a L607T wheel with a weell done rim repair on the inside edge, this braze could be ground down and should not show once it is painted. $40



Both of these L607T wheels are unbroken, but both have a barely noticable crack on one of the inner ribs, $45 each


L607T wheel without the holes for mounting a wheel weight. No breaks or repairs, $65 each

L607T wheel #1 with 5.00-15 tire, good tread, no breaks or repairs on wheel, $80

L607T wheel #4 with 4.00-15 tire, good tread, but with some weatherchecks, no breaks or repairs on wheel, $80

L608T hub cap, perfect condition, no breaks or repairs, $90

608T hub cap, has a welded repair that barely shows, $50


Broken and repaired hub cap, as-is, $10, your choice

Correct original bolts to attach hubcaps, $1 each

B F Goodrich 4.00-15 tire, $20


Two 5.00-15 tires, $20 each

L106T Front wheel hub felt, used, $3
L105T Retainer cup for front wheel felt, $5

L4268T Rear wheel web, $35 each, 130 lb., can ship UPS

1. Wheel nut for L, $1.25 each
2. Nut for wheel center to axle, LA, $1.25 each
3. Bolt and nut for wheel center to rim, LA, $1.50 each

- \


Two 9.5-24 tires with tubes,good tread, some weatherchecks, $80 each or $150/pair

Rear wheel weight for John Deere L, Wilson-Nutwell #JD 2-3, One available, curved to fit the L wheel center, $40 each (145 lb)

L388T rear wheel weight for L, $80 (145 lb.), one available

5/8 x 5 inch weight attaching bolts, $2 each