John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for Dubuque Tractors: 420, 430, and 440, and 1010


PC-921 JD 350 Crawler Parts Catalog, complete, but missing cover, $20 GE

Good, tested Delco starter for 2030, 2630, and many other models, came from a running tractor,$120

40, 420, 430 air cap, no dents, $25

M1863T Starter switch lever, $7

Delco 1101859 generator, turns freely, but not tested, $150

430, 440 dash, $15

M2216T spindle, $40 (G)

Front wheel hub for above axle from 1010 Utility, May be the same as 40U, 420U, and 430U, Two available, $40 each


Two views of a nice 4 x 16 Dubuque front wheel #1, $45 (25 lb)

M1794T hub clamp for for MT, 40T, 420T,W, 430T,W, $125, two available

Wheel weights to fit the 34 Inch wheel used on MT, 40T, 420T,W, & V, 430T,W, & V, by Wilson-Nutwell, Fresno, CA, $120/ pair


M3066T, valve cover gasket, $8


Good tank from a 1010D, $100

These two pieces are $15 each, both are from a 1010 Utility Diesel

Air cleaner from 1010D Utility, $40

Tag from 40S, # 66526, $30

Tag from JD 440, #450372, $50 (G.E.)

Blank cover for pto hole, $15

Hub cap, $12.50

Powershaft shifter parts, $20

Sonic 11.2-34, has a good boot at the indicated cut, will hold air and be usable for moving a tractor around, includes tube, $25