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Transmission, brake, final drive Parts for Dubuque Tractors: John Deere 420, 430, 440

AM3791T Clutch driven disk: $25

AM2576T Pressure plate $25

T10472T carrier with AM3983T throwout bearing, $50

M226T spring, $7

M335T spring, $15

AT10111T Clutch shaft, $20

T10178T Yoke for clutch, $45 (note number shown in photo is not correct)

T10402T Clutch pedal hub, $40

T10403T clutch pedal: $20

T10399 Adjustable yoke

AT10463T Clutch housing, includes serial tag 440I # 441655, $125. Serial tag only $50

Direction Reverser assembly with shifting parts, $700

M4258T Transmission case, no breaks or repairs, $100

440I Input shaft (will fit some other models): $75
M4270T third speed gear, 16T, $40 JB
M4271T, Fourth speed gear, 19T, $40 JB
M4197T, Firfth speed gear, 27T, $45
T12001T, First speed c;iuster gear. 27T and 37T, roller bearings included, $120 JB

M4278T Powershaft, $60

T11400T Spacer (subs for M135T), $10

M3590T coupling, $15


AT16550T, Cluster gear, 19T, 26T, and 43T, with roller bearings and spacer, $225

T18450T Output pinion shaft, 7T, with bearings, nut, and washer, $75

M4209T Gear, second and reverse sliding, 31T and 38T, $135

T17608T Gear, Third and fourth speed driven, 32T and 35T, $135

M4202T Gear, First and fifth speed sliding, 24T, $40 JB

Differential assembly with 32T gear, $60
Note that this differential gear is matched to the above pinion shaft

M1711T quill for differnetial assembly, $10 each

M3505T quill for oil seal on input shaft, $10


M234T Cover, $5

M160T cover, $5

M2345T cover, $12


AM2749T PTO assembly from a 440I, but will fit some other models, excellent condition, $200

M3318T and M119T Powershaft shifter parts, $20

M3874T fork for powershaft shifter, $20

M3229T brake pedal, $20

M3230T brake pedal with shaft, $20

M1735T brake lever, $15

Brake rod with yoke and lever, $15

AM3098T Brake assembly, $75


AM1828T Brake disk with facings, $10 each

M4440T, Shaft with pinion and bearings, $60

M3129T quill, $20, one only available

T10384T Axle shaft with M3419T 8 lug hub, M1001T quill, and JD7589T bearing, $150

M3807T rear axle, $75 each; two available

M2369T retainer with bolts and locking plate, $10

9/16-18 lug nut for rear wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

Bull gear assembly AM4008T (M3125T and M4439T, 64 teeth), $45

M1005T washer, $5

M3583T cover, $12


AT10772T Final drive housing, both left and righ sides avilable. $90, each

M3132T and M3133T pan cover for final drive housings, $25 each