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Sheet metal and Exterior Parts for Dubuque Tractors: John Deere 420, 430, 440



T10665T Instrument panel for 420, water temp gauge not functional, amp gauge might be, $20

M4319T Instrument panel housing, $30, no breaks or repairs, your choice

Hood brackets that bolt to the panel housing, $5 each

M4324T throttle rod, your choice, $20

T10896T bracket with M3122T control rod, $20

M1858T spring, $5

AT10222T tank #1, super clean and super nice, no repairs, $180

M4399T and M4400T vent tubes with AM3995 Union and M4402 ssupport bracket, $35/set

AT11577T fuel tank, very clean inside, there are two small dents on the top of the tank as shown at the yeloow arrows in the top photo. $180

Gas cap, $8

Needs cleaning, but this sediment bowl is good and came from a running tractor, $10

AM1817T fuel line, camd from a running tractor, $12

AT10738T Fuel tank rear bracket, $9


AM3437T Front tank support bracket for 420, $15

AT10244T, Front tank support bracket, $20

AM2852T upper radiator support with good rubber cushions, $19


New in box Air cleaner cap, $40 (G)

Air cleaner cap, no dents, $25

Air cleaner with AB1629R clamp, very good condition, no dents noted in either the cannister or the pipe, no rust, $125

AM3172T Oil Cup, $25

Air cleaner from a 440I, $50 (AT10254T)

Oil cup for air cleaner, $20

AB1679R Clamp for air cleaner, $12

T10430T air tube, $20

M3285T hose, not a JD part, $5

Another air cleaner hose, $5


Various 420/430/440I brackets, $10 each, your choice


Air cap from a 440, small dents, $25 (G)

Small cover, $5

AT10276T Right side frame, $60

AT10277T Left side frame, $60

AT11987T hood, $180


Covers for hood showing top and bottom views, two covers available, $25 each

Plug that fits in the side of the grille, two available, $9 each

T10427T Hollow dowel used in the grille at the pivot point with the front support, $12


430, 440 dash, $15


- -

AT10266T Support for steering and instrument panel, there is some added welding at four points, as shown in the second photo, includes direction reverser lever. $75, 70 lb, can ship UPS

AM1836T Seat mounting bracket, $25, your choice

AM2739T seat frame, $95

AM2739T seat frame with back cushion, $100

AM1838T seat frame, $100

AM1831T right footrest, 420T, $35

AM3270 Left footrest, 420T, $35


AM3275T left side foot rest, $30, your choice


AM2980T right side foot rest, $25, your choice

T10554T Right side baffle at radiator, $10

AM298T radiator bracket, $5

AM1890T Drawbar frame for 420T, $40

Drawbar (may not be original), $20

AM2977T Drawbar support for W, $70

M3140T Trunnion bolts, with nuts, $25 each, three available

M2485T Pivot pin for Drawbar, $9

Tag from 40S, # 66526, $30

Tag from JD 440, #450372, $50 (G.E.)