John and Kathy Boehm
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Hydrraulic, Three point, Implement Parts for Dubuque Tractors: John Deere 420, 430, 440

Controls and Linkage with hydraulic lines for Remote Control Valve Assembly

I have two complete units, including the hydraulic lines

Unit 1:

The above unit #1 came from a 40U and the five hydraulic lines (AM2423T, AM2424T, AM2425T, AM2426T, and AM2427T) will fit either a U or an S. With some modifications, the lines should fit other models as well. The M2658T control valve bracket has been replaced with a shop built bracket. The last photo show the unit mounted on the tractor before disassembly. $225


Unit 2:

Above photo is complete unit with all parts. Photos below are closeups of these parts.



Complete remote hydraulic control #2, includes M3352T, AM3514T, and AM3515T hydraulic lines. The M2615T draft control rod bracket has a welded repair and is fully funcitonal; otherwise, no breaks or repairs. This unit came from a 1010 wheel tractor. $275


AM2945T connector, $10

M1370T connector, $8

Various hydraulic lines with fitting, $10 each

AT10379T hydraulic line, $25

AT10382T hydraulic line, $30

M3169T Rockshaft housing with rockshafts and all internal operating parts in good condition, $120 (78 lb)


M3378T Touchomatic cylinder and valve housing with M3245T front cover in very good condition, $135 (82 lb)

T10558T quadrant, $40

Valve control linkage parts, $30

Valve control linkage parts, $50

AT10482T control lever with knob, $20

Hydraulic pump driven from crankshaft pulley, good condition, $120


M3112T crankshaft pulley, no breaks or repairs, $60

Plate for mounting crankshaft driven hydraulic pump

T10532T clamp, $5

T10539T, Lift arm right side, $35

M2851T. Lift arm left side, $35

M3144T anchor yoke, $35

M2212T Yoke spring, $30

M3171T Contol arm for anchor yoke assembly, $20

M3143T rear cover

M3140T Trunnion bolts, with nuts, $40 each, two available

Adjustable lift link from a 40U, will fit 40S,T,U, and W, all original, no breaks or repairs, $125

Adjustable lift link from a 40U, will fit 40S,T,U, and W, all original, no breaks or repairs,note that the pin needs to be removed on the top piece, $110

Adjustable lift link from a 40U, will fit 40S,T,U, and W, note that the crank handle is not original, $100

- -

Fixed lift link from a 40U, will also fit 40S,T,U, and W, $65, your choice

AM2177T , Right draft link, $40

AM2176T Left draft link, $40

Sway chain with M1702T anchor and M2876T front anchor, $25

Sway chain with M1702T anchor and home made front anchor, $15

M2084T bolt and nut used on sway chain, $15 each


Lift links and draft links from a 440I- these are not original John Deere parts, $40 for the set

Drawbar for the three point arms, $20

New, never used generic top link, $25