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Engine Parts for Dubuque Tractors: John Deere 420, 430, 440



TSX688 carburetor, from a running tractor that has been disassembled, cleaned and checked, and reassembled with new gaskets, then checked on a test engine, $325

To view the running carburetor after the rebuild, here is a video:





T10474T (AT10394T) block from a running tractor with all internal parts, including M3114T crankshaft, M3043T pistons, M1691T conncting rods, M3156T camshaft with M49T cam gear, AM3014T oil pump, and oil pan. $750. Pick up here or ask for shipping quote via truck freight.

To view the running engine before disassembly, here is a video:



AM3015T Oil line with nuts, $8
AM234T elbow nut nut, $5
AM235T straight connector, $5
Entire set, $15

AM2780T Drain cock, two available, $9

Good used muffler, $15

AM3009T, Heat baffle, no cuts or repairs, $30

M1691T connecting rod with good used bearings and bushings, $45 each

AM2849T Push rod, $16 each (7 available)

Complete rocker arm assembly, excellent condition, $95

Complete rocker arm assembly, good condition, $75

Studs for rocker assembly and valve cover, with mountin nuts and washers. Includes stud with the special cutout. $12/pair

M49T camshaft gear and M3156T camshaft, $60 (m)

M49T camshaft gear and M3156T camshaft, $50 (j)

M49T camshaft gear and M3156T camshaft, $40 (G)


M3414Tvalve tappets, $5 each or $16/ set (G)

AM3015T Oil line, with nuts, $12

M285T Head bolt, $2 each; set of 7, $10

L768T Crankshaft oil slinger, $9 (G)

M3114T crankshaft with M16T gear, excellent condition, includes good used main bearings matched , $300

M3114T crankshaft with M16T gear, excellent condition, includes good used .020 main bearings matched , $250


M3112T crankshaft pulley, $45, your choice

M3113R (sub M4150T) crank jaw, $20

Good used belts, crankshaft pulley to fan pulley and fan pulley to generator, $10/pair

Flywheel with ring gear, $60

Flywheel guard, $20

AM902T Front engine cover, $16

L4115T Cover for front end of crankshaft, $10

M18T Cover for rear main seal, $10

Timing mark cover, $5

M3298T plug, $8

Choke cable, $9, your choice

M3295T Gvoernor to carburetor rod, $20

T13883T (M3123T) Governor connecting rod, $10

L4197T spring, $11

Throttle rod for M4319T housing, $20

T10294T Throttle lever, $18

AT10301T Filler cap with oil dipstick, $15

M98T oil return pipe, $12


AM230T Screen for oil pump, $20

L4121T set screw with M463T special hex nut (to hold oil pump in place), $7

Oil filter, M59T base with AM236T case and missing bottom sealing plate, $20

AM1788T oil pan, $25

- -

AT10416T valve cover with breather pipe, $20

AT10423T valve cover with breather pipe, $20

AM2840T fan blade, $20


AT10299T Radiator #1, tested with no leaks, from a running tractor, $145


AT10299T radiator, no leaks when tested, but it has had several past repairs, $80

Radiator shroud, $20

M3059T Radiator support bracket, $12

AM2852T upper radiator support with good rubber cushions, $19

AM298T, bottom radiator support with good rubber cushion, $10, two available

Nice pressure radiator cap, $9

M3111T part on fan hub, $15

Water pump from a running tractor, $45



Water pump, need repair or use for core, $25 each



M3106T Upper water pipe, $25

M3039T water pipe, $20

M4065T upper water pipe with thermostat housing cover, $25, your choice

Thermostat, $10

T421T Thermostate cover, $10

Radiator cap, not JD, $2

Drain plug, $2

Drain plug, $7

M3066T, valve cover gasket, $8

Various gaskets, $4 each