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Due to the Large number of available Case VAC/VAO/VAI parts, the available parts are shown on the following pages:

Case VAC/VAO Engine Parts
Case VAC/VAO Drivetrain and Transmission Parts
Case VAC/VAO Wheels, Axles, and Steering Parts
Case VAC/VAO Sheet Metal, Air Cleaner, Radiator, Seat, and other external parts
Case VAC/VAO Hydraulic System Parts
Case VAC/VAO Electrical System Parts

This Page contains CASE MODEL VAC/VAO/VAI
Wheels, Front and rear axles, Steering parts


Hub clamp, $25
There are two different bolt spacings used on the hub and hub clamp. They are either 2 15/16 or 3 1/4 inches on center to the holes across the clamp. You need to measure yours and let me know which is the one that you need.

VT62 hub. $45


VT177A (VTA3095) VAI wheel hub, $45 each, can ship UPS

VT652 Hub clamp VAI, $25, one available

Rim clamp $3 each

Bolt and nut for rim clamp, $1.50 each

Hub key, $5

Rear wheel weights, $40 each, can ship UPS

Front wheel weight, $40

Front hub for above 16 inch wheels, includes bearings and hub cap, $30 each

Earlier style VT174 hub, $40

Complete front end from a VAI. The front end support is much heavier, the drag link is stronger, and the front end is 6 inches wider than the VAC/VAO wide front end. In good condition, but one hub is loose on the spincle and may need new bearings. $250 (330 lbs.) and I can ship truck freight to your location.


Drag link for two wheel tricycle, $25

Steering arm for two wheel tricycle, $20, you choice


VAC Steering with good worm gear, $45


VAC steering shaft and housing, $20

VT3542 Steering arm shaft, $13


Two wheel tricycle front end, $50, can ship UPS

Another Two wheel tricycle front end, $50, can ship UPS

Complete front end assembly from a Case VAI or VAO, $200 (200 lb)


King pin, $5
Snap rings, $3
Thrust washer $10
For Spindle spindle for VAO/VAI/VAS

Rear bracket for front axle: $30


Front bracket for front axle, $30, your choice

Tie rod for fixed front, $25

Front end support for VAO, VAI, 65 lb, $45

VAO steering arm at steering box, $20

Irrigation Pump Supply spinner knob, $15

Steering wheel, $10

VAO steering shaft with housing, $25 without worm gear; $50 with worm gear

VAC steering shaft, good condition, $10

Adjuster bolt for steering box, $5

Tie rod VAO, VAS, VAI, $20, includes pins



12.4-28 Goodyear Turf tire, very good condition, $80

Matching 12.4-28 Goodyear Turf tire,held air when removed but poor condition, free