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Due to the Large number of available Case VAC/VAO/VAI parts, the available parts are shown on the following pages:

Case VAC/VAO Engine Parts
Case VAC/VAO Drivetrain and Transmission Parts
Case VAC/VAO Wheels, Axles, and Steering Parts
Case VAC/VAO Sheet Metal, Air Cleaner, Radiator, Seat, and other external parts
Case VAC/VAO Hydraulic System Parts
Case VAC/VAO Electrical System Parts

This Page contains CASE MODEL VAC/VAO/VAI
Transmission and Drivetrain Parts


Two views of a belt pulley assembly with pulley and mounted hydraulic pump, all in very good condition, can ship UPS, $160



Complete pto assembly #1, works well, no broken teeth, shifter works correctly, ready to bolt on and go to work, $100

PTO engaging lever and bracket, $15

- -

Plate that bolts to pto assembly and shield, $9

Rear transmission cover when pto is not installed, $20

Drive shaft, good splines, $30

Coupling for drive shaft, $5

VT154 Torque tube with pedals, no beaks or repairs, $50 (170 lb)

Torque tube with pedals, good condition, $50 (170 lb)

Later style torque tube, no pedals, $40

VT620 Torque Tube, $50

Pressure plate, $30, clutch disk, may need relining, $10

Throwout bearing, $22.50

Yoke for throwout bearing, $40

VAO clutch rod with pivot, $15

VAO clutch link, $15, your choice

Clutch rod pivot for VAO, $7

Clutch rods with pivot for serial # 5570000 and up, $20

VT-7, throwout bearing carrier, $10

VT208 main shaft cap, $10

Dipstick for transmission, $7

VAO transmission cover, very good fork and rails, some free play in lever movement, $20


VAO transmission cover, very good fork and rails, $40


VAO transmission cover, very good fork and rails, $40


VAC transmission cover, good fork and rails, good lever, $40


VAC transmission cover #5, good fork and rails, good lever, $40


VAC transmission cover, good fork and rails, lever is shortened, $20

VTA353 Reverse idler gear and haft,good condition, $75

VT3410, Countershaft and drive pinion with bearing, $25

VT2061 Adjusting nut, countershaft, $10

VT5155 gear, 17T/38T, for later VA tractors, $35

VT5314 18T gear used on tractors above serial # 557000, $25

VT3418, Countershaft gear 35T, $25

VT3417, Countershaft gear 29T, $25

VT3416, Countershaft gear, 32T, $25

VT3413, Countershaft gear, 20T, $25

VT160 32T oil slinger gear, the best of the bunch, $70

VT160, 32T oil slinger, this gear is usable but the edges of the teeth are worn on one side, no broken teeth, $45

VT3407, Gear, mainshaft, first and third, 14T/20T, $25

VT3405, Gear mainshaft, second and fourth, 17T/29T, not currently available

VT3400/VT4664 Main drive shaft, $25

Differential assembly with shaft, used with disk brakes, $35

Differential side gears used with disk brakes, both left and right are available, $25 each

Left and right differential side gears used with drum brakes, both sides available, includes carrier housings, $40 each, excellent condition

Differential assembly with shaft, used with drum brakes, $35


Differential from a VAI with drum brakes, $35

Disk Type Brakes:

Carrier housing for side gear, $10 each

Metal shim for carrier housing, $2 each

Shown above are trasmission parts. More parts are available, too much to list individually, so email with your needs.

VT169, $15

Brake disk, used, will need new lining, $4 each


VT168 Brake housing with internal expanding parts, $30 each complete, both LH and RH available (can ship flat rate box)

Plate at brake lever, $5

Brake lever spring, $8


Branke return spring, $6

VAC brake rod, $10

Drum Type Brakes:


- VT 557 left side housing, Brake shoes with brake cover and operating mechanism, $75 (Sorry no right side VT556)


VTA2805 brake drums, $30 each


VT5095 brake nut with washer, $10 each

Right hasnd or Left hand differential side gears used with drum brake, $30

Carrier for differential side gears used with drum brake, $10 each

Brake spring and anchor for drum type brakes, $8, two available


Complete set of VA pedals for serial # 5570000 and higher, $45

VT264 mounting bracket for VAO pedals, $10

VAO LH brake pedal, $10

39 1/2" VAC axle, $50, includes both bearings, 42lbs.

VAO, VAI axle, $50 (32 1/2" long, 32 lbs.),

Axle nut and washer, $6

66 tooth bull gear, casting # VT3422, $35 (four available)

Complete later ear axle housing with VAO axles, $60

Complete VAC rear axle housing, $60

Complete VAI rear axle housing, one is for later Eagle hitch, the other is an earlier casting for no Eagle hitch, $60

VAC Transmission case, $40 (165 lb)

VAI Transmission case, $40

Back cover plate VAI, $10