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Due to the Large number of available Case VAC/VAO/VAI parts, the available parts are shown on the following pages:

Case VAC/VAO Engine Parts
Case VAC/VAO Drivetrain and Transmission Parts
Case VAC/VAO Wheels, Axles, and Steering Parts
Case VAC/VAO Sheet Metal, Air Cleaner, Radiator, Seat, and other external parts
Case VAC/VAO Hydraulic System Parts
Case VAC/VAO Electrical System Parts

This Page contains VAC/VAO/VAI
Engine Parts


Carb to governor throttle rod, $19

3 1/4" standard pistons, $30 each 7 available

Connecting rods, casting # VT4538, good bearings, $30 each, set of four, $100

Connecting rods, casting VT3200, very good condition, with good used bearing inserts, $30 each (2 available)

3 1/4" sleeves, very good condition, saqme or similar to above, $35 each, or set of four $120

VT 328 block #1 in excellent condition with no breaks or repairs, There are no cracks between the sleeve holes on the top either. $150. 170 lb so must pick up here or I can ship it truck freight.

VT 328 block #2 in very good condition with no repairs, There are cracks between two of the sleeve holes on the top. $70. 170 lb so must pick up here or I can ship it truck freight.


VT148 casting number head, very good condition, no breaks or repairs, $100

Unrestored head (VT148 casting #) that is in fair condition, no obvious cracks or repairs, valves need to be reground with some rust apparent, sold as-is, $40 (55 lb.)

Used head gasket in very good condition, $10


VT320 manifold, very good condition with no breaks or repairs, $80


VT320 manifold, very good condition with no breaks or repairs, nicest one of the bunch, $80, no exhaust pipe

VT320 manifold, very good condition with no breaks or repairs, $60, no exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe, one ear partly broken off, the broken poiece is included, $15

Individual rocker parts, Rocker arms $8each, springs, $3 each, Shaft, $5 each, Posts, $5 each
Entire assembly, $50

Crank jaw for crankshaft pulley, $12.50

Crankshaft pulley, VT543, no breaks or repairs, $40

VT 136, Crankshaft pulley, no breaks or repairs, $40

Brass thrust washer on crankshaft, $8

Crankshaft gear, $20

Oil strainer, $15

Plug for oil pan, $7

Oil dipstick, $10

Original oil gauge, $12

Rear engine seal housing and used seal, $7


VT333 Cam shaft, very good condition, $40

Pushrods, $5 each, $20 for set of eight

Cam followers, $5 each, $30 for set of eight

Nearly new fan belt, $5

Front engine timing cover, with water pump and fan hub, VT334 casting, no breaks or repairs, $50, 32 lb.

Front engine cover, $35

Drain plug in block, $5

Oil pan, $10

3 1/8" opening, starter hole cover, $9


Flywheel cover, $10

Pressure plate, $30, clutch disk, $25

Fan hub, $16

Water pumps, your choice $25

Fan, similar to above, $10

Governor cover and arm, $17

Ball bearing type governor, complete, $25

Engine oil line to oil gauge, $10

Rear engine seal, $10

VT3709, hand control rod, 14", $5

Throttle rod coupler, $25

Throttle rod coupler, $9

Throttle lever, $10

Throttle rod for foot throttle, 19 inches, $10

Throttle part, $9

Your choice: Throttle rod, bracket and spring, $15

Clutch rod for VAO only, $10, Throwout bearing assembly, $30, Driveshaft, $30

Valve cover, $10

Nice breather cap for valve cover, $17.50

Radiator support braces, $15/pair

Lower water pipe with brass drain cock, $12


Upper water pipe, $8