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Due to the Large number of available Case VAC/VAO/VAI parts, the available parts are shown on the following pages:

Case VAC/VAO Engine Parts
Case VAC/VAO Drivetrain and Transmission Parts
Case VAC/VAO Wheels, Axles, and Steering Parts
Case VAC/VAO Sheet Metal, Air Cleaner, Radiator, Seat, and other external parts
Case VAC/VAO Hydraulic System Parts
Case VAC/VAO Electrical System Parts

This Page contains CASE MODEL VAC/VAO/VAI
Sheet metal and other exterior parts


LH side panel #2 with tool box door that slides easily, no rust through, $90

Leftt side panel, for tractors serial # 5570000 and above $60, note some extra holes and straightening needed.

Bracket at side panels,serial # below 557000, $5

Brace between panels and in front of battery, $8

Brace between the side panels, $8

Brace at RH side panel, $7



Dash #2, with no serial tag, $25

Air cleaner tubes, they are all 20 1/4", $20 each your choice

Shorter air cleaner tube, $20

Gas tank straps for tractors below serial 5570000, $10/pair

Gas tank straps, for tractors serial # 5570000 and above, $10/pair


Sediment bowl for tank, $7.50 each, your choice, all need disassembly and cleaning


Radiator #2, tested with no leaks, has some repairs, including a blocked off tube, $150


Radiator #3, tested haqs no core leaks, but bottom tank leaks at the outlet tube, has some repairs, including a blocked off tube, bottom frame has no corroison (this is not casusing a leak), as-is, $75

Radiator support braces, $15/pair

Radiator mounting bracket, $7


Gas tank bracket, $10

VTA2594 Crank holder Bracket, $9


Nice seat with shop built bracket, from a VAO, $35

Drawbar bracket, $16, your choice

Drawbar front yoke, $10
Drawbar pin, $10

Drawbar pin, $10

Drawbar, may be homemade, but is very heavy duty and fits the drawbar mounting brackets and pin, $20

VAO right hand step plate with gas pedal, $20,


VAO step plates with frame and brake rods, $25

VAC, VAS Right hand step plate, with bracket and foot throttle pedal, $20, your choice

VAC, VAS LH step plate, with step plate bracket, $15


VAC step plate brackets, $8 each

Brackets to attach step plates, serial # 5570000 and above, $10 each

Bracket $5