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Due to the Large number of available Case VAC/VAO/VAI parts, the available parts are shown on the following pages:

Case VAC/VAO Engine Parts
Case VAC/VAO Drivetrain and Transmission Parts
Case VAC/VAO Wheels, Axles, and Steering Parts
Case VAC/VAO Sheet Metal, Air Cleaner, Radiator, Seat, and other external parts
Case VAC/VAO Hydraulic System Parts
Case VAC/VAO Electrical System Parts

This Page Contains
Case VAC/VAO/VAI Hydraulic System Parts


Two views of a belt pulley assembly with pulley and mounted hydraulic pump, all in very good condition, can ship UPS, $160

Control lever for belt pulley pump, $15
Rod between control lever and pump, $15


VTA2974 hydraulic pump (used with distributor ignition), tested and pumps well, $160

Lines for engine mounted hydraulic pump:

VT4187 or VT5268, $25

VT4919, $25

VT4918, $35


VT3011: $25, your choice


VT2993: $20

Breather line, $10

Breather line, $10

Shield on right side of transmission to cover hydraulic lines, $20


VT621 cover for hydraulic filter in torque tube, $15, your choice


VT591 cover on torque tube, $15, your choice


Two views of VT690 cover on torque tube, $15


Breather, $8

Rockshaft parts, $40 (60 lb. total)

Rockshaft parts, $25

Eagle hitch parts

Rockshaft with arms: $185

Adjustable lin, partial, $25

Fixed link: $30


RH Arm for fixed link. $25, your choice


LH Arm for adjustable link, $30, your choice

Bracket on top of Eagle hitch, $5

Large washer at rockshaft ends, $5


Eagle rockshaft, nice with all internal parts, $75 (160 lb)

Eagle hitch rockshaft, complete in good condition, but has the welded repair shown, $40


Bracket $5

Hand lift levers, $40 for both

VT154 Torque tube with pedals, no beaks or repairs, $50 (170 lb)

Torque tube with pedals, good condition, $50 (170 lb)

Later style torque tube, no pedals, $40