John and Kathy Boehm
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Has anyone seen rear wheels like this on a styled B? The serial tag is missing, but the B2013R cast iron frame indicates a 1943 or 1944 wartime tractor, serial #136662-166999. This is confirmed by the cut down fronts with the wartime hubs. Interestingly, the tractor is electrric start with lights, even though it was a wartime model that most likely had steel wheels.

The rear wheels have F & H HC419C casting # in the hubs. These are similar to F & H HC419A hubs used on the 40 inch round spoked wheels for BWH and BNH tractors and also the 36" round spoke wheels used on a few BN's, most of which seem to have been shipped to the Salinas area. However, these wheels have flat spokes (not round spokes) riveted into the hubs. The flat spokes are welded to the 38" rims. I believe they are cout downs from steel wheels, since they would have been riveted to the rim if they were factory wheels for rubber tires. Has anyone else ever seen flat spoke wheels on one of these large hubs before?

Showing the B2013Rframe and the wheels. I have most of the rest of the tractor as the p.o.had disassembled it then lost interest in the project.

Showing the casting number on one of the hubs

Right hand wheel

Left hand wheel

Inside view

Front wheels

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