John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for Oliver 60

Sheet metal, radiator,air cleaner, seat, and other exterior parts

Toolbox with mounting bracket, good condition, $25

Clamp for seat bracket to tractor, $8, 4 available

Wire cover on rear axle, $5


Row crop dash, $35


Throttle lever assembly with ratchet, $25

Throttle rod to governor, $15

Throttle rod to governor, with spring, $12
Governor to carb. rod, $12

Bracket to hold Throttle rod to governor assembly, $5

Clamp for seat bracket, $8

Platform, no cuts or repairs, $40

Gas tank, sound, not rusted out, but it will need a thorough inside cleaning and is sold as-is, $30

Gas tank #2, sound, not rusted out, will need a thorough inside cleaning, and has one bullet hole to repair, and is sold as-is, $30

Gas tank #4, needs cleaning, but no holes or rust through, $30

Tank bracket, $8

Gas tank strap, $8

Crankcase breather on valve cover, $15

Lower water pipe, $15

Drawbar mounting brackets, $5 each