John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for Oliver 60

Engine and Electrical Parts



TSX406 carburetor for Cletrac/Oliver HG and OC3 with IXB-3 engine. This carburetor has been disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with new gaskets, $200

Amp gauge, $8, as-is

Oil pressure gauge, $8 as-is

Generator adjusting strap, $8


Throttle lever assembly with ratchet, $25

Throttle rod to governor, $15

Throttle rod to governor, with spring, $12
Governor to carb. rod, $12

Bracket to hold Throttle rod to governor assembly, $5

Internal governor parts, good arms and gewar, but shaft and roller is pitted, as-is, $10


Good, standard bore (3 5/16") pistons, 6 available (including 1 matched set of four), $25 each
Connecting rods with rod bearings, $20 each

Connecting rods with rod bearings, $20 each


Crankshaft without gear. $30

Cam follower, $3 each, 8 available

Pushrods, check length- these are 11 1/16 inch long, $4 each (8 available)

Oil pipe at rockers, $8

Rocker assembly, $60

Set of regular head bolts, $10
Head bolt with the oil hole is not available

Front engine cover, $15

Valve cover, $15

Breather on top of valve cover, $15

Rear engine seal housing with used seal, $10

OIl pickup screen, $12

Tube at oil filter, $10

Original type oil filter, $5

Oil pan, $17.50

Oil drain plug, $8

Clutch disk with worn linings, $15

Bell housing for flywheel and clutch, $20

Timing hole cover, $10

Fan hubs, The short one on the left is sold, the tall one on the right is $20

Fan, $10

Early style upper water pipe, $15

Lower water pipe, $15