John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model M Brakes, Clutch, Transmission


Bearing and race for late style propeller shaft, $15

AM1596T Early style propeller shaft, excellent splines both ends, $80


Early style propeller shaft, inner splines have some wear, $20


AM2675T Later style propeller shaft, excellent splines both ends, $75, two available, your choice

AM1597T Brass pilot bushing for propeller shaft and flywheel, fits early style propeller shaft, $10

M335T Clutch spring, $15

M226T Return Spring, $7

AM322T clutch shaft, $25

AM317T Brake pedal shaft, $35

M57T Carrier with AL2116T throwout bearing, $50
(For comparison, Deere dealer price for M57T is 333.50, for AL2116T is $54.00)

AM 320T cam, $15

Clutch throw out yoke with AM320T cam, $25

Pressure plate, $25

New Vel-Lok clutch facings, $18/pair

Clutch disk with nearly new facings, $25

Used and usable clutch disk, $20, your choice


The nicest two clutch disks, both look nearly new, $25

AM321T Clutch rod, $15

Clutch pedal, $20

M brake pedals, $7 each
M brake latches, $5/pair

Brake rod with yoke, one available, $12

Brake rod without yoke, two available, $9 each

M brake discs, $12 each, usable lining, but may need to be cleaned in solvernt.

M Brake pack, $20 each


M48T, brake quiill, $10

M167T, M168T, or M169T shim for M48T quill, $2 each

MT brake pack, $35

M826T, MT brake cover, $20

M949T, special hex nut, $7 each, two available

M953T brake pedal rod, $10, two available

AM852T, MT brake disk, 2 available, $7.50 each

Center (torque) tube for M, can ship UPS (130 pounds), $60


Two views of AM256T belt pulley attachment with paper pulley, $225


AM245T and M127T Yoke and belt pulley coupling, $12

M262T belt pulley shifter, $18

- -

Rear transmission cover in excellent cond, $45, similar to above with no breaks or repairs

M345T, special bolt at transmission rear cover. $2 each


Complete M transmission #2 in good usable condition, includes pto shaft and both brake packs, all gear in good condition, no chips or broken gears. Similar to the one shown above. Special price: $250 and I can ship truck freight (275 lbs)


M47T quill, $7

M143T, 27 tooth fourth gear, $20

M141T 36/27 Tooth cluster gear, $45

JD7938T bearing, $15 each

M145t, 17 tooth third gear, $15

M571T front washer, $7

M144T and M146T spacers, $4 each

M867T Powershaft for MT, $45

M130T Powershaft for M, MI, MC, $30

M171T Flipper guard, $10

M134T coupling, $10

M131T cluster gear 42 and 20 teeth, $45

M151T, 37 tooth sliding gear, $25

M152T first and fourth speed sliding, 24 teeth, $20

M153T third speed sliding, 34 tooth, gear, $25

JD7939T bearings used in transmission on power shaft under M131T gear, $20 each (No longer avialable from Deere)

Most transmission and brake parts available for M, email for prices
M139T Input shaft: $180 , good splines
Pto (Power) shaft: $30 for Model M, $45 for Model MT
Pinion shaft: $30

All gears and bearings available

Nice differential assembly with ring gear, $65

32 tooth ring gear, $40

Nice differential assembly with no ring gear, $25

9 tooth pinion with matched 41 tooth ring gear on complete differential assembly from a 40S, $80

M shift cover, lever, and forks, $35

Pto shifter assembly, $25 with handle, $15 without handle

Cover and ball for pto shifter assembly, $8


M120T PTO/Pulley lever, $10

Main case similar to above, no breaks or repairs, but NO pto and pulley levers, $40 (130 lb)

M Final drive parts:


Complete LH final drive, good condition, your choice, $225


Complete RH final drive #3, good condition, $225

M pinion shaft with gear and bearings, $25

AM266T final drive gear, $40 (28 lb)


M1549T hub with AM1643T three spline axle. This is the improved hub and axle and will directly replace the M62T hub and six spline axle that is prone to problems. $125. Can ship UPS


M1549T hub with AM1643T three spline axle and M55T quill. This is the improved hub and axle and will directly replace the M62T hub and six spline axle that is prone to problems. $145. Can ship UPS

M1549T three spline hub, $45 (100 lb., can ship UPS)

M212T washer, $10

Bottom cover for final drive, $13

AM1528T Lock: $10

M55T quill, $30

M52T cap for final drive, $13

M54T cap for final drive: $10

M final drive housing, no breaks or repairs, $35 (88 lb)


MT final drive parts:

Uncut axle for MT, includes outer bearing, $90 (55 lb)

74 tooth M998T bull gear for MT: $45

For MT, M1001T quill, $16, 2 available

M997T Quill for MT, $12

M994T, M995T, and M996T Shims for M997T, $1 each

M1005T washer for inner end of MT axle. $3

M1006T washer for inner end of MT axle. $3

M1007T snap ring

19H1756A bolt for inner end of MT axle, $3

MT M816T Quill, 2 available, $10 each

M1008T bottom cover for MT final drive, $25, two available

M866T Case for MT (185 lb, truck freight or pickup here only) $50