John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model M Hydraulic and Implements


M2 Plow, has been converted to a single bottom plow by removal of one bottom, $150 (disregard the black pipe holding it up)


Mounting parts for implements:

AM690T Left hand implement bracket, $17

AM691T RH implement attaching bracket, $10 each (sorry, no left hand)

M1397T and M1398T implement attaching brackets, $25/pair


Three Point Assembly:


Aftermarket three point hitch attachment that bolts onto existing drawbar and uses existing lift arms. Top link bracket mounts over the belt pulley hole, Right hand photo shows setup before it was removed. $125, can ship UPS

Top link bracket that attaches over the belt pulley cover, $10

Hydraulic system parts:

M1067T blank cover used when the hydraulic pump is deleted, $20

Hydraulic pump coupler to camshaft gear, $20


Front, rear and inside views of an early M hydraulic pump with M342T cover and M 341Trear cover.Inside surfaces show little wear, but the oil seal and one needle bearing will need to be replaced. Priced accordingly at $50


M295T rockshaft housing, complete with rockshafts and operating parts, no breaks or repairs, in excellent condition, $95


M valve control, complete with M289T housing, quadrant, piston, and all operating parts, excellent condition, $95

M1500T lift arm, $20 each

M1500T Individual lift arm with lifting link, $22.50 each

M556T Individual lift arm, $15 each

M556T Individual lift arm with lifting link, $20 each

M557T washer, with lock washer and cap bolt to hold arm onto rockshaft, $5


Oil filler cap for hydraulic system, no dents, $16


Oil filler cap for hydraulic system, slight dent, one included free with any parts order

Linkage, $10

M554T, connecting rod, $10

AM485T crank arm, $10

M551T rockshaft, $10

Hydraulic piston for all M or MT, $20


Clamping set for hydraulic pipes, $9

Clamp set, $15

Hydraulic lines for M below serial # 32884


AM784T, $25
AM785T, $25

AM782T, $30

AM783T, $25

M1161T Nut (On AM783T line), $9

M568T and M566T hydraulic pipes with fittings and clips, $10 each


Hydraulic lines for M above serial # 32884; also MT and some MI

M1205T: $25

AM1450T: $25

AM1208T oil line: $25

M1153T: $25

AM1448T oil line, $25

AM1122T: $25

AM1449T, no breaks or repairs, $30

AM1449T, $30

AM1449T, $15, has a brazed repair at the bottom 90 degree bend

Smal and large clamps for lines inside dash, $4 each

AM1123T $25 each
M1160T $25

M1160T for MT, $25

Shortened low pressure pipe with fitting for hydraulic hose, $5

AM1151T, $8 (Steel)(May not be an original)

AM1151T (brass), $8

AM1087T, $8

AM429T Elbow at AM782T, $16

M1370T, $8

M1350T Union, $8

AM1121T coupling, $10


- -

AM1110T (Casting # M1097T). MT Cylinderr housing and Valve, with M2041T pistons and all other internal parts, $75

M1069T, M1070T, and M1071T lift arms for MT, $18 each

AM1077T, hollow rockshaft, $10