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John Deere Model M Electrical Components

These clips are used on the seam of the gas tank to hold the wiring and the lead for the temp gauge. $4 each

Delco 1101852 correct original 6 volt generator , turns freely but not tested, $80

Mounting bolt set for generator, $10

M generator adjusting strap, $9

So that you can get the correct fan belt from your NAPA dealer


Two views of Delco 1101 064 starter, professionally rebuilt with new parts, including switch, reday to install and guaranteed, $275


Two views of Delco 1101064 starter, weorks well, including new switch, $210


Delco 1107127 starter, tested and works great, $175

Ring gear, $30

Operating lever for starter switch, $9, your choice

Set Screw and jam nut for starter, $12

Starter rod with correct knob, $16

Starter rod with original knob, knob is in fair to poor condition, $15

Starter rod with original knob, knob is ibolted onto rod, $15

Correct original starter rod with incorrect or missing knob, $10

New, never used braided ground straps, 9 inch or 15 inch, $9 each

- -

Original switches from non running tractors, appear to be good, but sold as-is, $15, similar to above

Amp gauge, needle moves freely, but not tested, $10

Relay with mounting plate, not tested, as-is, $10

Holddown clips and bolts for distributor,$10 per set


M/40 distributors, complete, $45, your choice

M/40 distributors, missing only the rotor, your choice, $30

M/40 distributors, missing one clip, rotor and caps, $30

M/40 distributor #8, complete,$45

M/40 distributor #9, complete,$45

Parts distributor, as-is, $10

Nice distributor cap, $10

Outer cap, $9

Inner cap, $8

These coils came from running tractors, $10, your choice

Used coil with correct mounting bracket, $10