John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model HNH
Serial #36010

Here are some photos of my John Deere HNH that I just started to restore in January 2002 (after having owned it for around sixteen years). Only 35 HNH's were produced and this one was shipped new to Hayward, CA in 1941.

I took photos right after I pulled it in the shop, it was raining. The engine was stuck when I got the tractor. It also suffered the indignity of having to wear a Farmall A front end for many years. I now have the tractor completely disassembled. The cylinder bore is pretty good after I pressed the pistons out. The head will require new intake valves and seats, but will be rebuildable, too. I do have the correct single wheel front end, which will be placed on the restored tractor.

After a quick start, progress has been almost nonexistent. This weekend (5/12/02) I put the rear axles and brakes back together. Next step is to clean the main case, replace the rear axle oil seals, and attach the axles.

5/21/02 - Rear axles assembled and attached. All transmission gaskets replaced, seals as necessary, bearings checked and reset to correct tolerances. Ready to reassemble transmission cover/gear shifter, then on to the engine!

Jan 1, 2004. I did most of the engine work and other assembly early in 2003, but have not had time to work on the tractor since then. Hopefully, I will make more progress in the next month or so.

16 Jan 2004, Painted, almost ready for final painting

24 Jan 2004, Got it running, still needs some fine tuning

30 Jan 2004: Almost done and it runs!


15 February 2004. All done except a few minor items.