John and Kathy Boehm
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Electrical Parts for John Deere G tractors



Wico C short lug magneto, has been rebuilt at my local automotive repair shop with many new parts as needed, good hot spark, ready to install and go to work, $290


Wico XH1042 short lug magneto, works well with good hot spark, part of the cover is chipped at the bottom terminal, and one cover mounting bolt is broken off in the case, not the prettiest, but it is ready to install and go to work, $200


Two views of a Delco 1108919 starter for Model G tractor, good operating condition, $250


AF697R Flywheel Guard with %687R support, has been modified at the two top mounting points, $60

F816R Generator bracket, both mounting ears has been broken off and welded back on, $10

Delco distributor for parts, as is, turns freely, $25


Voltage regulator, Free with any order

F687R support bracket, $5

AF233R Shield and cable conduit #3, need some straightening, $25

Clamp for spark plug wire conduit, $10

A2612R rear light bracket. $25