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Transmission, brake, final drive Parts for Dubuque Tractors: John Deere 420, 430, 440

Two viewws of an M1800T pto cover with no breaks or repairs, $190


AM3791T Clutch driven disk: $25, your choice

AM2576T Pressure plate $25

M4374T carrier with AL2116T throwout bearing, $45

M226T spring, $7

AM320T cam, 15

M1842T Throwout yoke, $15

M3525T (T15440T) Clutch yoke, $15

AM321T Clutch rod, $15

AM3322T Clutch rod, $15

AM322T clutch shaft, $25

M1945T clutch pedal shaft, $15

M335T spring, $15

AT10111T Clutch shaft, $20

T10178T Yoke for clutch, $45 (note number shown in photo is not correct)

T10402T Clutch pedal hub, $3 0

T10403T clutch pedal: $20

M3523T clutch pedal from a 420T, $15

M4331T clutch pedal from a 420W, $15

Bolt set for mounting torque tube to block, $7


M4213T 420T torque tube (center frame), without serial tag $60

AT10865T Center frame (Torque tube) for sn 118754 and up, casting #T10707T, with serial tag for 420W #135742, no breaks or repairs, $125
Serial tag only, $75

M4212T cover on torque tube, $9

M3578T Implement clamp, $10 each

AT10463T Clutch housing, includes serial tag 440I # 441655, $125. Serial tag only $50

M4357T Transmission case from a 420T, no breaks or repairs, $75

M4285T Transmission case from a420W, no breaks or repairs, $75

These parts are for 5 speed transmission:

M2343T coupling with excellent splines (for C, I, U, and W), $30

T11999T Thrust washer, $10

M4270T,Gear, thrid speed 16T, None available

M4271T, Gear, Fourth speed, 19T, $30


M4197T Fifth speed gear 27T, $40

Parts on powershaft

M867T Power shaft, $50

M3590T coupling, $15

M4209T Gear, second and reverse sliding, 31T and 38T, $90

T17608T Third and fourth speed driven gear, 35T and 32T, $75

M4202T First and fifth sliding gear, 24T, $30

M160T cover, $5

M234T Cover. $5
M2059T, M2060T, M2061T shims, $2 each


M3143T rear cover, good bearings, $35, your choice


M2345T cover, $12, your choice

M1730T Anchor yoke, $20

M2215T Spring, $20

M1762T Tension link, $15

M2001T shaft and M1774T Control arm, $25

AM1965T (M1944T) Rear cover for T and V, note part of casting is broken off at rear seal (yellow arrows), should not affect performance, $20
|Not shown: M1944T cover with no breaks or repairs,$30

M4197T, Firfth speed gear, 27T, $40

M4278T Powershaft, $60

T11400T Spacer (subs for M135T), $10

M4209T Gear, second and reverse sliding, 31T and 38T, $90

T17608T Gear, Third and fourth speed driven, 32T and 35T, $125

M4202T Gear, First and fifth speed sliding, 24T, $40 JB

M1711T quill for differential assembly, $10 each

M3318T and M119T Powershaft shifter with M3874T fork for powershaft shifter, $32

M3318T and M119T Powershaft shifter parts, $20

M3874T fork for powershaft shifter, $20

420T Brake shaft with lever, $10

T brake pedals, M1731T and M1732T, $10 each

W brake shaft with lever, $10

M3229T brake pedal for W, $10

M3330T brake pedal for W, $10

AM1828T, I, T, and W brake disk, $10 each


AM851T Brake assembly, for H, S, U, V, W, $45 each, very good condition

M949T Special nut for brake adjustment, $10

M1713T Brake lever, $15

M1756T lever with eyebolt and yoke, $15

AM1859T Brake lock handle, $25

AM1859T handle, M2035T retainer, and cam, $40


M1781T brake housing with lever and inner parts, two available, $50 each, can ship cheaply in Flat rate box

M3229T brake pedal, $20

M3230T brake pedal with shaft, $20

M1735T brake lever, $15

Brake rod with yoke and lever, $15

AM3098T Brake assembly, $50


AM1828T Brake disk with facings, $10 each

M3129T quill, $30

M994T, M995T,M996T metal shim for M3129T quill, $2 each

M3807T rear axle, $80 each; two available

M1516T axle from a W, cut, but overwise very good condition, $25 each, two available

M2369T Retainer, M2370T Lock plate, and 19H1741A cap screws for end on axle, $10 per set

9/16-18 lug nut for rear wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

M1005T washer, $5


M3583T cover, $9




AT10772T - M3451T final drive housing for W and I, both left and right sides available, $90 each,can ship UPS


AT10772T Final drive housing, left side available. $90

- - -

M3132T (left side) and M3133T (right side) pan cover for final drive housings, $25 each

420T final drive parts:


M1783T final drive housing, no breaks or repairs, $40

M1042T (short) and M3255T (long) special cap screws to attach final drives to transmission, $4 each

M1010T Clip, $3 each
M1011T Special implement bolt, $1 each

74 tooth M998T bull gear for 40T, 420T, 430T: $45

M1961T shaft and M1680T 13T pinion gear with bearings and other parts, all splines very good, to fit T tractors, $45

M1001T quill, $16

M1002T, M1003T, M1004T shim, $2 each


M1710T, $12

M994T, M995T, and M996T Shims for M1710T, $2 each

M1516T rear axle, $75

5/8 x 1 1/2 Bolt for inner end of axle, $4

M1005T washer, $5

Rear axle bearings inner for 40T, 420T, 430T: $10 each, outer bearing not available

M1765T final drive cover pans,no breaks or repairs, $35 each; two available