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Engine Parts for Dubuque Tractors: John Deere 420, 430, 440


Used head gasket

M285T Head bolt, $2 each; set of 7, $10

AM3015T Oil line with nuts, $8
AM234T elbow nut nut, $5
AM235T straight connector, $5
Entire set, $15


AM3009T Heat shield, $45, your choice

M1691T connecting rod with M1847 inserts, very good condtion, $50 each, two available, possible sale pending

L768T Crankshaft oil slinger, $9 (G)

- -

M3112T crankshaft pulley, $40, your choice

M3113T (M4150T) Crank jaw, $25 (M)

M26T Main bearing cap, $8 each

19H1890A Main bearing bolt, $2 each

M49T Cam gear, $35
M3156T Camshaft, $60
Complete assembly, $80

M49T camshaft gear and M3156T camshaft, $50 (G)

M3414T Valve tappet, $10 each or $32 set of four

AM2849T pushrod, $19 each

Complete rocker arm assembly #1, excellent condition, $110

Complete rocker arm assembly #2, good condition, $80

Valve cover studs (one has the special cut on the threaded area, very nice condition, $12/pair


AM3123T Flywheel with ring gear, $60




T10474T Block with very nice smooth standard bores, however the outer water jacket has freeze cracks as shown at the yellow arrows and the top has a few cracks in the water jacket. It may be possible to repair it, but is sold as-is with no guarantees for $60 (125 lb.)

AT10301 Filler cap with oil dipsitck, $20

AM232T Bayonet Oil Dipstick, $10

M98T oil return pipe, $12

Oil pump screen, great condition, $20

L4121T set screw with M463T cap, $13


OIl pump with M38T pump body, pumps well, $60, your choice

Oil filter, M59T base with AM236T case and missing bottom sealing plate, $20


AM2850T (AT10423T) valve cover with good gasket, no dents, no rust, has coil mounting bracket, $35

AM2850T (AT10423T) valve cover, no dents, no rust, $25


Flywheel guard, $20

AM902T Front engine cover, $16

L4115T Cover for front end of crankshaft, $10

M18T Cover for rear main seal, $10

Timing mark cover, $5

M3298T plug, $8

M3295T Gvoernor to carburetor rod, $16 (MJB or G)

T13883T (M3123T) Governor connecting rod, $10

AM1791T Governor shaft with weight carrier, gear, and weights, good condition, $75

AM1792T with M1709T housing and associated parts as shown in the photo, needs cleaning but in very good condition, $45


L4197T spring, $11

T11113T throttle lever, $18

M1858T Spring, $7

M1859T Thrust washer, $7

M1857T Lipped Washer, $10


Throttle parts from a 440I, may fit 430 and slant dash 420, good universal joing, bracket has a welded repair, $75

Spring, $5

AM1788T oil pan, $25


AM669T Dented breather caps, usable, similar to above, $8 each

AM2840T fan blade, $20

AM2840T fan blade, $10

M3057T 5/16 x 1 1/2 Specil bolts to attach water pump, $5 each, three available


Two views of a 420/430/440 water pump that is sold as-is as a core or for you to rebuild, $25

AM3092T Temperature gauge. not tested, $25

M3039T Water pipe (attaches to water pump), $30

AM3817T M3106T Upper water pipe, $25

M4065T upper water pipe $25

Thermostat, $10

T421T Thermostat cover, $10

AM2780T Drain cock, two available, $9

Good used belts, crankshaft pulley to fan pulley and fan pulley to generator, $10/pair

M3066T, valve cover gasket, $13

Various gaskets, $4 each