John and Kathy Boehm
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Wheel, Front End, and Steering Parts for unstyled B tractors

9/16-18 lug nut for rear wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

1/2-20 lug nuts for front wheels, $1.50 each or set of six for $7.50

Row Crop B Front wheels and front end parts

B110R Steering sector gear (AB4198R), $50

Steering pedestal cover, $20

Parts for Unstyled and Styled Wide front ends with either A1100R center section or B1207R center section

Top and bottom views of A1100R center housing, no breaks or repairs, $200 can ship UPS

A833R ( AA730R) Knee, no breaks or repairs, good bushings, two available, $90 each

A887R U-bolt, two available, $20 each or both $32

A890R thrust washer, $10 each

B1236R (AB4685R) Right hand Ball down steering arm, no breaks or repairs, $160

B1204R (AB4686R) Left hand Ball down steering arm, no breaks or repairs, $160

BO/BR/BI Steering and Front axle parts:

For BR/BO: Complete B919R hub with both bearings, felt retainer and B920R hub cap, $60

For BR/BO: B919R hub $25

B920R hub cap, $20

B918R hub, used on tricycle B with the 15 inch wheel, includes both bearings and felt retainer, no breaks or repairs, $40 each

B918R hub, $15, no breaks or repairs, but three broken lug lug nuts need to be drilled out

AB807R Front wheel knuckle and spindle, $65 (several available)

B810R Spindle pinwasher, $3 each

B809R Spindle pin, $25

D1881R Spindle cap, $7

B818R Spindle pin taper bolt, $7

B803R RH steering arm, $40

B804R LH steering arm, $30

B788R Steering gear arm, $30

AB618R Radius rod with pivot, $75

B816R BO/BR/BI front axle pins, $5 each

B808R Tie rod end with all internal parts, $25

AB644R Drag link with all internal parts, $50

Steering gear with housing and shaft, very good condition, $135

Another steering gear with housing and shaft, very good condition, $125

B782R housing only, no breaks or repairs, includes adjusting nut and jam nut, $30



Unstyled B steering wheels, free with any parts order

Knuckle for steering shaft on top of steering post, $5

B391R speed control shaft, $5


Transmission cover and pedestal with shift lever, $30

BR/BO tie rod end parts, $10


Rear Wheels and parts



AB1316R F & H wheel casting number HC418A, 40 inch, 12 spline wheel for BWH/BNH tractors, Hub has been brazed in past repairs and there are unrepaired cracks in it, rim is out of round and needs some straightening. Sold as-is, pick up here or I can ship truck freight, $500



36 inch split rim, includes lock ring which is not shown, $60

Another 36 inch split rim, this still has the center and a non usable tire, $60

B633R rear center for BO and BR using the AB667R 28 inch rims, $80 each including 6 B634R clamps per center (two available)

D2526R clamps, $10 each eight available
Special heavy nuts, $2 each