John and Kathy Boehm
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Engine Parts for unstyled B tractors

H512R, Socket wrench for flywheel bolts, straight version, $60, used on B and H tractors

B596R Socket wrench for connecting rod bolts and cylinder head nuts, $35

Two Williams Superrench # 8907A, 1 1/16 inch, used on the tool carrier of the BO Lindeman, $275 for the pair

B1031R generator bracket , with brazed repairs, $15

Generator adjusting strap, $5, not an original

B1649R Breather body, no breaks or repairs, $25

B55R Breather cover and shorter stack, $20

B1595R Crankcase cover with starter bracket, has been broken in half and brazed together, as-is, $20

B1606R casting # , $90 , good ring gear and splines, no breaks or repairs

B1608R Starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $60

B1608R Starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $60, this one is the thinner version


7/16-14 thread acorn nut for JD B valve covers, identical to correct original equipment, $1.50 each, both new and used available

A80R throttle lever, $20

B5R connecting rods with good babbitt, $75each

B5R that need new babbitt, $12 each

B5R with usable, but not super good babbitt, $25 each

B1303R crankshaft #2, Journals good, all splines are very good, $250 (50 lb.)

B1303R crankshaft #1, Journals good, but driving disk splines show some wear and may need to be built up, as-is, $45 (50 lb.)



B1305R block, bored .045 over. It has been magnafuxed to show two small cracks on the bottom side that should be repairable, but is sold as-is. $80



B1305R block, bored oversize to 4.545, on bore is pitted, as-is, $50



B1306R #2 Head, fits B 60000-95999 and BO/BI 329000 and up, Magnaflux revelead one crack in the face as shown by the yellow circle, valve seats and guides are good, as-is $75


Oil slinger on crankshaft, $7

B131R slinger cover, $7

Left hand and right hand bearing shells with good bearings, $50 each

B660R flywheel, good splines, no breaks or repairs, $45

Complete rocker assembly, $90
Individual parts available

B217R Camshaft: $25
B195R Cam gear: $40

B198R camshaft rh bearing, $10

B199R camshaft lh bearing, $10

B504R, tappet lever bracket stud, $5 each

24H200R washer, $1 each
B207R spring, $2 each

B206R tappet lever shaft, $5


B pushrods, $4 each

AB271R Cam followers, $5 each or $16 set of 4

B201R or B1103R Cam follower guide with drive for oil pump, $20

B773R muffler casting for BO/BR, $15

Oil pump, with good screen, tested and pumps oil well, $50

Oil filter head B under #40781 (with B255R body and B435R head), $40

Oil filter head B above #40781 (with F96R head), no stud, $35

Oil filter head B above #40781 (with F96R head), $40

Oil filter housing for B above 40781, $25

OIl pressure regulator for B under #40781, $25

AB2705R Oil pipe, governor, $25

AB286R Oil pipe, pump discharge, $15

AB3335R Oil pipe, pump discharge, $15

AB289R, Oil pipe, to indicator and camshaft bearings, $15

AB290R Oil pipe, camshaft bearing, $25

AB288R Oil pipe, LH main bearing, $15

AB515R Oil pipe, RH main bearing, $15

B1097R, Elbow, side outlet, on camshaft and governoroil pipe, $15

AA2096R Oil filter outlet, $15


Oil filter bottom that is used with the metal oil filter, $15

Oil filter bottom with nut, spring, and plate (missing snap ring), $40

A522R Oil filter bottom cover, $6

Oil filter bottom nut, $6

D793R and D794R Oil level test cock, $10

7/16-14 thread acorn nut for JD B valve covers, identical to correct original equipment, $1 each


B211R cast valve cover, $25

B211R cast valve cover that has a repair, If you can use this, it is free with any order of other parts.

Pressed steel valve cover, $15

AB273R valve cover, B60000-95999, $10

B215R Tappet oiler pipe, $15

B59R Short frame ventilator tube, $20

B700R crankcase cover, $20, no breaks or repairs

B55R Breather cover and stack, $20

B55R Breather cover and shorter stack, $20

AB233R Breather core, $12

B76R carburetor to air cleaner pipe, $15

A80R throttle lever, $25

B302R Unstyled B, BR, BO, BI, throttle rod, $25


B38R speed control rod, $16 your choice

B791R Speed control rod, $25


B403R upper water pipe, casting only, $15


B650R Fan shaft support, $10, has the cut out area to fit the generator. .B650R is for all BR/BO and row crop B 3043-42199, $15

Fan shaft support for B 1000-42200, $15

NOS Deere procuct JD7654, consists of Fan bearing set for front of fan JD7656R,JD7657R, and JD7655R, $40

Fans tube for row crop u/s B, includes internal parts (bearing retainers, spring, etc.) at front end. $40.
Without internal parts, $15

AB750R Fan tube for BR/BO, $30

Housing rear fan shaft bearing, $10

Bracket for oil and water gauges, $8

Bare B1102 R governor case, $20


B269R bare governor case, $20

B283R end cap for governor, $15

Other internal governor parts are available, please ask

B272R lever and shaft, $15

B272R lever and shaft, with good speed control lever, $25

Clamp for spark plug wire conduit, $16


B813R Front end support for BO and BR, 215 pounds, $100 (This is the early style with no eyebolt hole)

B813R Front end support for BO and BR, 215 pounds, $100, (This is the later style, with the eyebolt)

BO Main case with serial tag 326803, $125

BO Main case with serial tag 325629, $125

Cast frame front end support for unstyled B, $50