John and Kathy Boehm
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Electrical Parts for John Deere Model B

Parts for both early styled (s.n. 60,000-201,000) and late styled B (s.n.>201,000).


Wico C short lug magneto, has been rebuilt at my local automotive repair shop with many new parts as needed, good hot spark, ready to install and go to work, $290


Wico XH1042 short lug magneto, works well with good hot spark, part of the cover is chipped at the bottom terminal, and one cover mounting bolt is broken off in the case, not the prettiest, but it is ready to install and go to work, $200


AB4093R (AB2937R) Delco 1107445 Starter, tested and works well, ready to install and go to work, $200

Starter switch with A2621R lever, $10


Two views of AB2933R flywheel guard, one mounting tab needs to be reattached and it is included, $60


- -

B1938R crankcase cover with starter bracket, your choice, $35


Tested Delco 1107942 starter #1 for B over 201000, $175

Tested Delco 1107942 starter #3 for B over 201000, $175


Tested Delco 1107942 starter #4 for B over 201000, $175



Nearly new heavy gauge six foot battery cable, $24, similar to AB3546R Sub AA3996R), your choice

New never used grounding strap, $10

Starter yoke, rod, and button, $30

Starter rod, spring, and button, $20

B2286R Starter button, $15


Wico XB distributor, Shaft turns, buts needs cleaning, two cap screws broken off, insulation at terminal needs repair, sold as-is, $25

AR1326R (Sub. for AB3585R) Battery base, $15

AB2931R Battery support bracket, $24

Sealed beam light, not tested, free with any order


Light bar with original lights, cracked or missing guide lenses, not tested and will need work, $10 each

Original light bar, $8

A2612R rear light bracket. $25

AA2209R Wire conduit, $15

Spark plug wire conduit for B over 201000, $15

Spark plug wire conduit for B over 201000, with rubber block for plug wires, $20

Clamp for spark plug wire conduit, $10

B2874R pulley, good splines, $24

Delco generator, turns freely, not tested, no pulley $20

B1918R generator bracket, with B1919R sdjusting strap, no breaks or repairs, $35

B2113R generator bracket, has been repaired, $9

B1919R Generator Adjusting strap (above 201000). $10

Generator mounting bracket (above 201000) $12



B1695R Slant dash with B2092R transmission cover, no breaks or repairs. $160

B1596R breather body, $25 and B1598R (AB1848R) Breather cover, $15



Two pieces D2911R to make a belt pulley on the fanshaft for the generator, $25

B1031R generator bracket , with brazed repairs, $15

Generator adjusting strap, $5, not an original

- -

B1642R Support for dash and steering shaft with gauges, switches, conduit, wiring clutch lever, $125

B1694R Breather body, no breaks or repairs, $25

B1595R Crankcase cover with starter bracket, has been broken in half and brazed together, as-is, $20

B1593R generator bracket (note the brazed repair at the yellow arrow), $20