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Parts for John Deere Unstyled Model A, AR, and AO


AA1130R Shield and cable conduit, excellent condition, no cuts, or repairs, it has been beadblasted, primed, and painted with JD brand green paint, $95

A61R standard bore pistons with pins, $50 each

A61R earlier style (Jam nut, rather than clips, to hold piston pin in place) Standard bore pistons, 5 1/2", $60, includes piston pin, one available

Piston pin, $5

A107R connecting rod with somevoids in the babbit. may be usable but sold as-is $35

Connecting rod cap with good babbitt, $12

A61R 5 1/2" Standard bore piston in good condition with piston pin and connecting rod (babbitt in poor condition), $50

A36R manifold #2, good but note the broken holes at the the exhaust pipe mount, $30

A 1386R elbow for exhaust on AR/AO, Two mounting holes partly broken, the others are good, $10

A28R flywheel, $70 (110 lb), your choice



A102R crankshaft, six views with close ups of all bearing surfaces, very good splines at both ends, $100 (84 lb)

A28R Main bearing cover, $9

Oil slinger on crankshaft, $9

RH main bearing shell with good used bearings for unst A, AR, AO - $40
If you don't need the housing,I can ship just the bearing to save on shipping cost

LH main bearing shell with good used bearings for unst A, AR, AO - $40
If you don't need the housing,I can ship just the bearing to save on shipping cost

A302R Shim packs for main bearings

A1143R cam follower guide with oil pump drive, $20

Cam follower, $4 each

A105R Tappet lever, $17 each (four available)

A131R Tappet lever adjusting screw, $17 each (one available)

F2559R Adjusting screw, $19

Early pushrod (A129R with A139R end piece) for A up to 435282 or AR/AO 252684, $15 only one available and it needs to be straightened

A1290R Push rods, $7 each, set of 4 for $25

A176R Valve cover and tappett lever bracket stud, $12

Retainer clips for valves, $8/pair
Valve spring: $2
Cap, $2

Exhaust valves, $10 each. Intake valves, $10 each

A30R Camshaft gear, good teeth, no chips, no breaks or repairs, no broken off bolts, $45

A1142R camshaft, $25

A31R bearing housing for camshaft, $5

A355R spring at the send of the camshaft, $10


Oil filter bottom that is used with the metal oil filter, $10

AA280R, Oil line RH main bearing, $20

AA802R, Oil line Oil pump to filter head, $20

AA819R, Oil pipe to governor and oil gauge, $20

AA281R, Oil line to LH main bearing, $20

Oil filter head with A1277R casting number on top piece, $60

Oil filter head with A1150R casting number, $45

Oil pump, Turns freely and pumps, screen needs repair, $25

AA2096R Oil filter outlet, $15

A522R Oil filter bottom with nut, sealing plate, spring, and snap ring, $45

D793R and D794R Oil level test cock, $10

Bracket for water and oil gauge, $6


B273R Governor speed control spring, $10

Row crop A tube and housing, $20

D399R Friction washer, $7 (not used on all unstyled A)

A4059R Fan Drive Cup, $9 (not used on all unstyled A)

Row crop A fan support, $9


A845R (AA525R) upper water pipe, $30

A524R Crankcase cover with breather cup, $25, no breaks or repairs

A902R crankcase cover, $20

Breather core, $12

AA359R Breather stack, $20

D2120R breather clamp with spring, $5 each

A824R transmission cover, complete with shift levers, steering pedestal and some throttle parts, $50

C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

A80R throttle lever, $20

A948R carburetor throttle rod for AR/AO, $15

A1184R Throttle rod for row crop A, $15

A1185R Throttle rods, $12 your choice

A1170R governor case in good condition, $25, similar to above