John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for John Deere Model A - Engine Parts


Used compression release valve, $20, two for $35



AA2329R Cylinder head, A2325R casting number with guides, valves, springs. My machinist has magnafluxed this block and certifies it to be crack free. He also has ground the valves and the valve seats. It does have three broken off manifold stueds which you will still need to remove. $300

A2344R connecting rods with shims, very good condition, $70 each

A2338R set #2 standard bore pistons, $30 each or $60/pair

- -

A3530R piston, 5 1/2" standard bore gasoline pistons, with piston pin (#1 does not have a pin), $30 each

- -

A3282R standard bore piston, six available, three shown, $30 each

B1608R Starter ratchet, no breaks or repairs, $60

A3264R flywheel, very good condition, good splines, similar to above, $100 (127 lb.)

A2360R crankshaft #1, Good splines both ends, all journals good, $125


A2360R crankshaft #2, Good splines both ends, all journals good, $125


A2360R crankshaft #3 very good splines flywheel end, splines need attention on clutch end, good bearing surfaces, $40


A3322R Crankshaft #2 for A over 584000, with very good bearing sufaces and very good splines on crankshaft end, splines on driving disk end will need to be built up and machined, $25

A3312R flywheel nut, used and usable, $12

For A >584000, Oil slinger cover, $10, Oil slinger $10


Bearing housing with good bearings and shims, both A2884R and A3265R or A2885R available, $40 each, If you need only the bearings, I can remove them from the housings to save weight and shipping cost.

A302R Shim packs for main bearings

A2326R 5/8 x 7 3/16" stud for block to head, $7 each

Head Nut, $1 each or 9 for $6


A2383R manifold, good condition, but one ear (shown at red arrow), has some welded repair, $45


Aftermarket Gas manifold for A under 584000, to replace A2383R, very good condition, $25


A4039R manifold #1, very good condition, $85


A1386R muffler casting for AR/AO, as-is, $15

A2093R drain plug for head, $9

Retainer clips for valves, $8/pair
Valve spring: $2
Cap, $2

Intake and exhaust valves, $10 each

Tappet assembly $80

A2346R Tappet lever, $9

F2559R Adjusting screw, $19

A2349R Shaft, $5

A2350R Bracket, $10

D376R Spring, $4
24H248R Washer. $1
A602R Snap ring. $2

Tappet oiler, $25

Special stud for tappet assembly and valve cover, $7

Alternate style Special stud for tappet assembly and valve cover, $10

A2354R Oil Outlet washer, $12.50

A4227R Oil Outlet washer, $12.50

A30R Camshaft gear, good teeth, no chips, no breaks or repairs, no broken off bolts, $45

A3583R (asbove s.n. 630323) or A1142R camshaft (s.n. 477000-620323), $40

A355R spring at the send of the camshaft, $10

A3582R camshaft left side bearing cap, $5

Cam followers, $5 each, $16 for set of 4

A1595R Cam Follower guide with oil pump drive gear, $20

A1290R Push rods, $5 each, set of 4 for $18

Original acorn nut for valve cover, $3 each

A2437R valve cover, $10

Valve cover, A > 584000, $10


Fittings for oil line to oil gauge, $6/ set

A3206T oil line with AA4936R elbow, $10


Oil line to oil gauge, $8, your choice

A2330R pipe in cylinder block with A2356R Connector, $20

AA280R Oil pipe to LH main bearing, $15

AA281R OIl Pipe to LH Main bearing, $20

AA819R Oil pipe to governor, $25

AA802R Oil pipe Pump idscharge, $15

AA2259R Oil pipe to Tappet lever, $20

Engine oil lines, $20 each for individual lines.
AA3993R, AA3991R, AA3989R, AA3990R, AA3988R, AA6476R

AA6476R, oil line to oil pressure gauge, $20

AA5120R, oil line to RH main bearing, $20

AA3991R Oil line to governor, $20

AA6476R Oil line to oil indicator, $20

AA3993R Oil Line to tappet levers, $20

E1994R Connector, $5

AA3990R Oil line , oil pump discharge, $15

D2440R Connector, $6

A1252R Governor connector, $5

Oil filter head with A1277R casting number on top piece, for A under 584,000, $60

Oil filter head with A1150R casting number, $45

Oil pump, $35, tested and pumps oil

R20248R (A1152R) Oil filter housing, $25

AA2096R Oil filter outlet, $15

A522R Oil filter bottom with nut, sealing plate, spring, and snap ring, $45

A519R oil filter bottom o ring, $4

A522R Oil filter cover, $7

D793R and D794R Oil level test cock, $10

Shorter choke rod for A over 584000, $20

Line, $15

Gas line for A over 584000, $15

A3394R Crankcase cover, A over 584,000, $10

A2232R Crankcase cover, $30, similar to above,no breaks or repairs

A2233R Breather, used with A2246R cover, $25

A2234R cover for A2233R breather, $12.50

Core for above breather, $12.50

A3039R breather body, $15, similar to above, no breaks or repairs

A2233R brather housing, $20

A2234R cover, $10

Breather filter, $12

Breather cap, $15

Breather cap clamp $5 each and springs, $2 each

C1438R spring on throttle lever shaft, new, $7

A80R throttle lever, $20

A1184R throttle rod, $14 - Please give me the overall length of your rod, so I can be sure to send the right one!

14 1/4" Throttle rod, $12 - Please give me the overall length of your rod, so I can be sure to send the right one!

Short throttle rod, $12

A3355R throttle rod for A > 584000, $14 - Please give me the overall length of your rod, so I can be sure to send the right one!


13 inch throttle rod, $12

26 inch throttle rod, $14

Choke rod and support bracket for A above sn 662729. $30 for all

41 inch Choke rod A 584000-662728, $25, your choice

B1951R metal choke knob, $6


Complete fan assembly for A over 584000 with ventilator pump, turns freely good condition, bevel gear fair condition, $150

AA3659R fan, $19

AA3717R fan, $19

B2123R fan disk, $24

D399R Friction washer, $7

A4059R Fan Drive Cup, $9

B2874R pulley, good splines, $30

A3066R spring, $8

B298R felt retainer and washer, $10

A846R spring, $6
B2121R reatiner, $7
D1736R washer, $3

A3066R spring, $5


Fan bearing set for front of fan JD7656R,JD7657R, and JD7655R, $20


Ventilator pump parts with housing and cover, $35

A3055R Housing, $15

AF637R Fanshaft housing, $25

A3668R Fan shaft, $35

JD7657R bearing for governor and fanshaft, $15


A844R Fan support, $9

A2112R center plate. $15

A2166R Ventilator tube, $25

AA4035R Ventilator Inlet Pipe, $20

AA4033R Ventilator Outlet pipe, $20

A41R end cap for governor, $10

A1241R arm with other governor parts, $15

Governor arm and shaft, $15

Speed control lever, A>584000, $10


Internal governor parts for A over 584000, A3339R and A3268R gears are good, $90

Internal governor parts for A over 584000, A3339R and A3268R gears are good, one weight is missing, $50

A3268R governor drive gear with good weights, negligible play in weight pins, $45

AC667R governor weights, negligible play in weight pins, $20 each; two available

A3339R bevel gear with governor shaft, gear in good condition, $40

A3286R governor arm and shaft, $15

A2495R Shoulder bolt, $2 each

A2422R Governor case, $20

A3267R Late A governor case, $20

Governor end cap with JD7657R bearing, $30

Governor to throttle rod, $15