John and Kathy Boehm
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Electrical Parts for John Deere Model 40 Tractors


Ring gear, $30


Delco 1107127 starter, rebuilt with newbushings and brushes, by my local automotive electric shop, $275


Two views of Delco 1107064 Starter for M or 40, with switch and starter lever. tested and works well, $240


Delco 1107064 starter, rebuilt with new bendix drive, brushes, and switch by my local automotive electric shop, $300

AM394T Battery base with hold down bolts, no corrosion, $45

These clips are used on the seam of the gas tank to hold the wiring and the lead for the temp gauge. $4 each


Operating lever for starter switch, $15

Set Screw and jam nut for starter, $12

Generator mounting bolt set, $10

Generator adjusting bracket, $10

Rear light bracket from a 40T, $10

Used coil from a running tractor, $13


Used coil with correct mounting bracket, $10

Coil bracket, $5

Original switches from non running tractors, appear to be good, but sold as-is, $15

Holddown clips and bolts for distributor,$10 per set

Nice looking distributor from a non running tractor, $45

M/40 distributors, complete, $45, your choice

M/40 distributors, missing only the rotor, your choice, $30

M/40 distributors, missing one clip, rotor and caps, $30

M/40 distributor #8, complete,$45

M/40 distributor #9, complete,$45

Nice distributor cap, $10