John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere GPO
Serial #15008
1931 Model Year

This GPO was the ninth off the assembly line on the first day of production for John Deere Orchard Tractors. It was the second tractor that I ever owned and I bought it in 1979 for $125.00. It was the first restoration that I did and it was completed in 1981. I showed it a few years, then stopped using it as it became hard to start. It was put into storage. In the meantime, I've acquired the correct fenders and fender brackets, including the citrus overfenders. I know the valve guides are worn, so I plan a mechanical restore as necessary to get it running right again, then a cosmetic restoration, including reinstallation of the rear lugs, front guide bands, and fenders and new paint and decals. I plan to have it looking as close as possible to the way it came off the assembly line.

This is a photo of the tractor in May 1980, shortly after I acquired it.

This photo was taken at the 1983 EDGETA National Show in San Jose, after the first "restoration" was completed.


Matt is pressure washing the dust off, prior to putting it in the shop

Here it is in the shop with the old and new fenders, fender brackets, lugs, and guide rims

Above four photos were taken on June 15, 2005


Above three photos on 5 September 2005, tractor is pretty well; stripped down, sprayed with oven cleaner to loosen grease and dirt and to degloss the paint. An expected problem was replacement of the worn valve guides. The new guides are shown in place (valve guides are not available from Deere, but Greg Stephan has reproductions). The unexpected problem that was discovered during disassembly was the freeze crack on the bottom of the block. This is a hard one to replace, so it was pinned at several places, veed out and sealed with JB weld. Hope it works!

This photo is on 10 September 2005, Further cleaning and disassembly was done before it and many of the loose parts were primed. Today I also put the radiator back together after getting a new core for it. Hopefully will shoot some green paint tomorrow, then start the reassembly of the engine. That will be the easy part, as I am not looking forward to doing the fenders!

26 September 2005- Above two photos after reassembly of engine and radiator (new core) and the first coat of paint. It is almost ready to start up to test the engine, then on to finishing the wheels and fitting the fenders and citrus overfenders.

April 2006- Since the original fenders and fender bracket were mostly cut off, Matt welded the back angle iron (from a Massey-Harris Pony frame) onto the piece that was remaining. This will be cut later to the correct length.

Also April 2006- The tractor runs, new radiator core, some leaks to take care of yet.


6 August 2006- Matt has spent some (a lot, actually) of time over the last few weeks fitting the fenders, pulley and flywheels shields, fender irons, and the citrus overfenders. The cross braces need to be installed, then the citrus overfenders will be removed for the final paint job.



16 November 2006 - The finished product Fenders and citrus fenders are a lot of work!