John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere BO Lindeman
Serial #336046
1946 Model Year

2 March 2005 - Our latest project is this Lindeman. It runs, but could use an engine overhaul. Also I have wider (14") tracks from another Lindeman that I want to install. It steers, but the left side is weaker than the right, so the brakes and clutches will be checked. The undercarriage itself is in pretty good shape.

9 March 2005. Engine disassembled- Rings, gaskets and other parts on order. Brake bands sent out to be relined. Will also need one clutch throwout arm and on clutch driven plate, these are on order. The cork seal in the l.h. bearing shell has been replaced and the oil lines, pump, screen, and filter has been diassembled, cleaned, and reassembled.

15 June 2005. The finished result. Since this is a "play" tractor, a cosmetic restoration was not done. Engine rebuilt with ring and valve job. Steering clutches rebuilt and final drives checked. The wider 14" tracks were installed. Also note the rare Lindeman front weight, normally used as a counterweight when the tool bar is attached and used in the rear position. Final adjustments were made to the steering clutch release mehanism and to the steering brakes, so it is ready to take to the shows!