John and Kathy Boehm
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Allis-Chalmers Model G Parts:
Wheels, Steering, Front and Rear Axles


Front wheel centers, $8 each
Dust covers, $7 each

Here is a pair of lengthened spindle with a pair of 9" wheels that came off a John Deere Hillside combine, of all things. Nice cast wheels and definitely something different. $40 for everything: two wheels with tires, knees, spindles, and steering arms.



Steering wheel , Free with any parts order, your choice

Steering column clamp halves and pin, $8

Steering column insert, $8

Tube clamp for steering shaft tube, $5

Original steering wheel nut, $7.50

Stud, Rear axle to case, $2.50 each

Steering arm 800099, $10

Steering arm, $8

Knees, $15 each (Specify which side(s) needed)

Steering arm at spindle, $10 each