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Allis-Chalmers Model G Engine and Related Parts



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TSV47 carburetor, everything moves freely as it should, easy cleanup to rebuild, $100


Two views of a very nice manifold, good threads in exhast opening, $120

Two views of a good manifold #4, no breaks or repairs, not burned out, $60


800214 thrust plate shims, none available
800211 thrust washers, $12 each
800221 and 800222 Starting crank jaw and washer, $15

Crankshaft thrust washers, $12 each

800217, Crankshaft gear, $20

Crankshaft pulley, one small chip, $40

Crankshaft pulley #3, $25, a few small chips on outer edge


Flywheel with ring gear, teeth good, $30, can ship in a USPS flat rate box

Flywheel guard, some rust through, $5

.020 over bore piston $25 (1 only available)

Camshaft gears, your choice, $10

Plate and special bolts to hold camshaft in place, $7.50

Available individually: intake valves, $10 each, Exhaust valve, $10 each; Springs, $3 each, Retainers, $3 each, keeper pins, $1 each
Half round retainer clips, none available, Rotator caps, $12.50 each


Valve lifters, $4 each. $20 for the set of 8

Throttle lever, $10

Throttle rathchet plate, $9

Lower water pipe, $15

Upper water pipe, $25

Valve cover with breather tube, $20

Front engine cover similar to above, $30

Retainer for engine oil seal, $10

Oil Pump, Used and usable, with minimal play between gears, $45

Oil pump tube and strainer, $20

Oil filler cap, $10

Oil filler tube, $8, your choice

Oil filter base with tube, $20

Engine oil pan, $12

Oil pan drain plug, $5