John and Kathy Boehm
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Allis-Chalmers Model B and C Parts

This page contains drive train parts: transmission, clutch, final drive, pto, hydraulic, and brakes

These parts are from both Allis Chalmers B and C tractors. Many are interchangeable, but some are specific to on or the other. If you are unsure, ask and I will verify if it will fit your tractor.

Clutch disk, $20

Pressure plate assembly #1, $35


Pressure plate assembly #2, $35

Clutch disk CA, $20

Clutch disk from a B, $20

Clutch pedal, $10

B or C Clutch Rod, $10

CA Clutch Rod, $10

Clutch throw out bearing with carrier, $30

Fork for throwout bearing and carrier, with pin, $12.50

B and C Driveshaft with good splines both ends, $25


Universal jopint style of Driveshaft, good splines at both ends, good u-joint, $25

AM2961-8 Torque tube from early B hand start, $40, can ship UPS

Brake rod for foot brake, $15

Brake spring, $6

Grooved brake pin, $5

Brake pedal assembly, $15

Hand brake lever, good threads, $10 each

Brake covers $10 each or $15/pair, your choice


PARTS FOR AC B and C Transmission:

Rear cover, Painted, $10


Shifter forks, rails, and cover, $35


Shifter forks, rails, and cover, $35

Painted Bare transmission case, $30

Shifter lever, $12, your choice


206526 Main shaft, good splines, $100

206530, 14T gear on mainshaft, first and reverse, $20

206533, 27T gear on mainshaft, third gear, $25

206532, 19T gear on mainshaft, second gear, $20

206541, 35T sliding gear on pinion shaft, first and reverse, $30

206542, 30T gear on pinion shaft,second and third, $20

22T idler gear on pinion shaft, $20

207752 Shaft with 7 T pinion gear, $25

Spring washer, not available
225449 nut for bevel pinion shaft, $5

Thrust washer for bevel pinion shaft, $5

Reverse idler gear (19 and 22T), shaft and two roller bearings, $25

Differential assembly, $25

Differential carrier, $10 each

Two views of a pto/belt pulley drive, gears and bearings in good condition, $90

224745 Snap ring sliding stop for 14 tooth sliding gear, $6



CA shift lever, $20

CA covers for input shaft, $10 and pinion shaft $5

207587 26T gear on mainshaft, $30

207588 19T gear on mainshaft, $20

207589 30T gear on mainshaft, $30

207590 49T gear on mainshaft, $35

207591 18T gear on mainshaft, $25

Pinion shaft (output shaft) with both bearings, nut, and shim washers, $40

208220 slider on pinion shaft (output shaft), $20

24T gear on pinion shaft (output shaft), $25

208218 gear 37T on pinion shaft (output shaft), $40


208217 gear 30T on pinion shaft (output shaft), $35

208214 gear 41T on pinion shaft (output shaft), $40

Thrust washer on pinion shaft (output shaft), $5

Differential from a CA, very good condition, $40

Differntial quill CA, 203204, $10 each

224745 Snap ring sliding stop for above gear, $6




AC B wheel center, bolt on style, $30 (72 lb)

AC C wheel center, $30 (76 lb)


AM2790-1 bull gear for both B and C, $25 each, 2 available (27 lb.)

B gear only for drive gear, $15

225111 bull gear for CA, $25 each, one available

Also available, Bare final drive housing for C, $35, can ship UPS

Pinion shaft cover B or C, $5 each

Special nut and washers for end of AC C flanged axle, $7/set

Final drive (axle) nut, $12 each

Large washer on final drive (axle), $4 each

205508, Inner bearing cap, $9


CA Final drive and brake parts:


LH and RH final drive housings, $40 each (126 lb.)

AM3687-1 Final drive cover for CA, $5, two available


CA brake drum on Lambert clutch side, $15

CA LH brake pedal, $10

CA RH brake pedal, $10

CA rear axle with hub, $40 (one available)