John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for John Deere LUC and other LU series engines

This page shows parts specific to the LU engines, Most engine parts are the same as the LA tractor and those parts can be found here


LUC hood, $35

Side panel, $7


LUC gas tank, good condition, $45


Base with skids for LUS, $60

Front base with crank guide, some ears are broken on guide, $10

LUS throttle and control parts,what do you need?

LUS rear bracket from engine to hood, $10

LUS Oil pressure gauge and pipes, $5

Screen for LUC air cleaner, $5

Air cleaner from LUS, $30 (Also available, oil cup and air cap)

L4575T upper pipe, this is larger diameter than the L4116T pipe and it is for the LUC radiator, $25,

Exhaust elbow from LUS engine, $12

Parts from an LUS, $20 for all, individual parts available

Frame and tag from an LUS power unit, $40

LU Power unit tag, serial #3550, $25

Frame with no serial tag, $20

Bracket and rod, $5

AL20208T Shift rod, $12

Super nice LU hood with tag #4323, no dents, no cuts, no rust, $100 (will sell tag separately)

LUS hood, $25

LUC hood with steel serial tag, serial # 13926, $25