John and Kathy Boehm
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Engine parts for Hercules NXB engines can be found here



Two views of an L4288T (AL2841T) manifold with exhaust elbow, very good condition, $90

1 1/2 rain cap to fit muffler, $9

L/LA exhaust elbow, one broken ear, clean it up and braze an AC B muffler onto it to duplicate the original muffler assembly, as-is, $10

L4234T head for LA and LUC, no breaks or repairs, $30


Two views of L4106T head for L, $50

Head bolts, $0.75 each

L4118T #2 pulley for L only with JD engine, teeth show some wear, hole for mounting pin is enlarged, $40


- #2



Crankshaft pulley for JD LA/LUC engine (not for Hercules engine),
#2, teeth show no wear at all, bolt is broken off in one puller hole, $80
Pressed steel pulley, $15 each, your choice
#3, worn teeth, $45
#6, fair original teeth, has been brazed on both sides, $20
NOTE: Casting # L4240T is the same as catalog part # AL2876T
NOTE: The L with JD engine has a different pulley

3 1/4 standard pistons for L $30 for one

Nice matched pair of 3 1/4 L pistons, standard bore, AL2347T, $60 for the pair

Standard bore pistons, similar to above, includes piston pin, $20 each

Connecting rod for L or LA, used bearings with nice bearing surfaces, $36 one only available

Connecting rod for L or LA, used bearings bearing surfaces may be slightly scored, as is, $13 each

AL2699T Good Crankshaft, $35 (Can ship inexpensively in a flat rate box)


L4115T Front oil seal plate, $5

AM1597T Clutch pilot bushing with retainer, $10

AL4111T Flywheel ring gear, $70

L587T Ferrule, fuel inlet line, $2

Set Screw and jam nut for starter, $15


Rear engine seal housing, with used seal, $5

Camshaft and gear, $25

AL4277T Front camshaft bearing, $10
L4179T Idler shaft bushing, $10

L803T Idler shaft thrust washer, $5 each

Idler shaft with gear, $20

Oil pump, $25
Oil pump screen, $20
Oil line, $8
Set screw and jam nut for oil pump, $5

Cap, spring, and piston for oil pressure relief valve, $30

AT14098T Used dipstick, good condition, $5

Valve cover, $8

AL2675T Valve lifters, $5 each
Good used exhaust valves, none available at this time; Good used intake valves, $5 each; Springs $1 each; keeper rings, $1 each, Pins, $1 each

L/LA valve guide, new, $8

Oil pan similar to above, $10

Flywheel cover similar to above, $15

Front engine mounting bracket, $15

Spark plug wire holder, $15

Internal parts for governor as shown: $10

Governor housing and attached parts: $14

L4197T, $11

Rod from carb to governor, $15

L4252T bracket, $10

Bolt with 14H377 jam nut, $1

L4248T Throttle plate without spring, $4

L4248T Throttle rod plate with spring, $20

Clutch pilot bearing, $5


Nice breather cap with no dents, $20, your choice

Dented breather caps, usable, similar to above, $8 each

Breather/Oil filler tube $5

Oil pipes to oil gauge, $8

25H125 Grooved and taped pin for crankshaft pulley, new, $2 each

Farn from an JD engine L, excellent condition, $75


Fan assemblies with very good bushings, similar to above, Ready to use, $75

- -

Good fan blades, $15 each, similar to above

Engine front cover plate, $9

LA/LA/LI clutch pressure plate, $20
LA/L/LI clutch disk, $20


LA engine 3 1/2 standard bore, all internal parts plus crankshaft pulley, clutch disk, and pressure plate included, engine is stuck, but bore looks good, $60