John and Kathy Boehm
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TSX60 hand start carburetor, correct original equipment. It was disassembled, cleaned, checked, and reassembled with a new gasket-it looks excellent inside and is guaranteed on your tractor, $225


TSX455 carburetor, this one came off an LA, and will fit and run well, but is not original LA or L equipment (it is actually from a Hercules IXB3). It was disassembled, cleaned, checked, and reassembled with a new gasket-it looks excellent inside and is guaranteed on your tractor, $175

L/LA manifold #1, very good condition, $85

L/LA manifold #2, very good condition, $85

Manifold #4, good condition, one stud is broken and willneed to be drilled out, $60

L4234T head for LA and LUC, no breaks or repairs, $20

Good used head gasket, $15

AL2877T pulley, correct original equipment for L with JD engine. It is larger diameter than the AL2876T shown below. All the teeth are in good condition, $125



Crankshaft pulley for JD LA/LUC engine (not for Hercules engine),
Pressed steel pulley, $15 each
#3, worn teeth, $45
#4, good condition,no repairs, two teeth worn, $50
#6, fair original teeth, has been brazed on both sides, $20
NOTE: Casting # L4240T is the same as catalog part # AL2876T
NOTE: The L with JD engine has a different pulley (see above)

Correct and original L/LA hand crank, $40

Hand crank, original, from an LUS engine, $30

Homemade hand crank, needs a new pin, $8

3 1/4 standard pistons for L
Pistons: $35 each
Connecting rods: $35 each

Standard bore pistons, similar to above, includes piston pin, $25 each

.020 over piston for LA, one only, $25

Connecting rod for L or LA, used bearings, $35 each

Good Crankshaft, $35 (Can ship inexpensively in a flat rate box)

L766R, NOS crankshaft gear in original packaging, $30

L/LA ring gear, $70

Set Screw and jam nut for starter, $15

Rear engine seal housing, with used seal, $5

Camshaft and gear, $25

Idler shaft with gear, $20

Oil pump, $25
Oil pump screen, $20
Oil line, $8
Set screw and jam nut for oil pump, $5

NOS AL2752T oil line still unopened and in original packaging, $30

Valve cover, $8

Good used exhaust valves, $8 each, Good used intake valves, $5 each; Springs $1 each; keeper rings, $1 each, Pins, $1 each

L4234T head, $20, Set of headbolts, $12, or combine both items for $29

Oil pan similar to above, $10

Flywheel cover similar to above, $15

Front engine mounting bracket, $15

Spark plug wire holder, $15

Internal parts for governor as shown: $10

Governor housing and attached parts: $10

L4176T sealing washer for governor, NOS in original packaging, $2.50 each

Rod from carb to governor, $19

Throttle Parts
1. L4252T, $4
2. L4294T with screw, $4
3. Bolt with 14H377 jam nut, $1
4. AL2755T, Not available
5. AL2754T, Not available

Original throttle rod, $50

Cable for throttle rod. This is not an original, but it is in good working condition, $20

Throttle plate with spring, similar to above, $18
Throttle plate without spring, $4

Clutch pilot bearing, $5


Very nice breather cap with no dents, $20, your choice

Breather/Oil filler tube $5
Breather/Oil filler cap, very good, but may have small dents, $12.50

Oil pipes to oil gauge, $8

25H125 Grooved and taped pin for crankshaft pulley, new, $2 each

Fan assembly with bearings in very good condition, ready to use: $60
Fan assemblies with usable bushings (there is some play between shaft and bushing, but not excessively worn and usable as-is): $30
Also have complete fan assemblies that need to have the bushings rebuilt for $15 each

Fan blades , $10

Engine front cover plate, $9

LA/LA/LI clutch pressure plate, $20
LA/L/LI clutch disk, $20

This block with all internal parts (standard bore) was from a running tractor when it was parted. Include flywheel, clutch disk, and pressure plate. $200

This engine, with all internal parts, engine is stuck, $80, can ship truck freight or pick up here

Standard bore LA 3 1/2" block, $75 (100 lb, can ship UPS)

Standard bore LA 3 1/2" block, good smooth bores, good valve seats, $75 (100 lb, can ship UPS)