John and Kathy Boehm
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Engine parts for Hercules NXB engines can be found here



L4288T manifold #2 in good condition, $65


L4288T manifold #2 in very good condition, $75


L4288T manifold #1 in usable condition, $60


New and correct muffler brazed onto an original exhaust elbow, $75, your choice of correct length shorter exhaust pipe or the longer uncut pipe that you can use as is or trim to whatever length you want.

L4234T head for LA and LUC, no breaks or repairs, $20


Two views of L4106T head for L, $50

Head bolts, $0.75 each


L4118T crankshaft pulley for L with JD engine, teeth are there but show some wear, $75

L4118T #2 pulley for L only with JD engine, teeth show some wear, hole for mounting pin is enlarged, $40




Crankshaft pulley for JD LA/LUC engine (not for Hercules engine),
#1, very good condition, $70
Pressed steel pulley, $15 each, your choice
#3, worn teeth, $45
#6, fair original teeth, has been brazed on both sides, $20
NOTE: Casting # L4240T is the same as catalog part # AL2876T
NOTE: The L with JD engine has a different pulley

3 1/4 standard pistons for L $35 each

Standard bore pistons, similar to above, includes piston pin, $25 each


Connecting rod for L or LA, used bearings bearing surfaces may be slughtly scored, as is, $20each

AL2699T Good Crankshaft, $35 (Can ship inexpensively in a flat rate box)

L4115T Front oil seal plate, $5

AM1597T Clutch pilot bushing with retainer, $10

L587T Ferrule, fuel inlet line, $2

Ring gear for JD engine, L or LA, $75

Set Screw and jam nut for starter, $15


Rear engine seal housing, with used seal, $5

Camshaft and gear, $25

Idler shaft with gear, $20

NOS L820T oil pump drive gear, $10 each, three available

Original oil pressure gauge, free with any order

Oil pump, $25
Oil pump screen, $20
Oil line, $8
Set screw and jam nut for oil pump, $5

Cap, spring, and piston for oil pressure relief valve, $30

AT14098T NOS Oil dipstick, $10 (One available)

Used dipstick, good condition, $5

Valve cover, $8

Good used exhaust valves, none available at this time; Good used intake valves, $5 each; Springs $1 each; keeper rings, $1 each, Pins, $1 each

Oil pan similar to above, $10

Flywheel cover similar to above, $15

Front engine mounting bracket, $15

Spark plug wire holder, $15

Internal parts for governor as shown: $10

Governor housing and attached parts: $14

L4197T, $11

Rod from carb to governor, $15

Throttle control rod, $40 each, your choice


L4311T Rear of engine Control cable clip , $10

AL2755T Control rod clamp screw assembly, $9

L4252T bracket, $10

Bolt with 14H377 jam nut, $1

L4294T with screw, $7 (without screw, $4)

L4248T Throttle plate without spring, $4

L4248T throttle plate with spring, $20, one only

Clutch pilot bearing, $5

Nice Oil filler/Breather cap similar to above, may have some small dents, $12.50

Breather/Oil filler tube $5
Breather/Oil filler cap, good and usable, but may have some dents, $12.50

Oil pipes to oil gauge, $8

25H125 Grooved and taped pin for crankshaft pulley, new, $2 each

Fan assembly with bearings in very good condition, ready to use: $75, similar to above
Fan assemblies with usable bushings (there is some play between shaft and bushing, but not excessively worn and usable as-is): $30

Fan blades , $10

Engine front cover plate, $9

LA/LA/LI clutch pressure plate, $20
LA/L/LI clutch disk, $20




Standard bore LA 3 1/2" standard bore block , includes camshaft, cam gear, and main bearing caps, will need at lerast two new valve seats, visual inspection reveals no breaks or repairs, sold as-is$50 (105 lb, can ship UPS)


LA engine 3 1/2 standard bore, all internal parts plus crankshaft pulley, clutch disk, and pressure plate included, engine is stuck, but bore looks good, $60