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Parts on this page are specifically for Styled L's with the Hercules engine


Hercules NXB engine parts


L716T fan gasket, $8

Head boltsd, $1.50 each

Standard pistons 3 1/4", $35 each,

Connecting rods, good babbitt, $35 each

Flywheel, $50 (64 lb.)

Flywheel housing, $40 (29 lb)

Cam followers for Hercules NXB are $12.50 for the set of four.
Good used intake valves, $6 each; Springs $1.50 each; keeper rings, $1.50 each, Pins, $1.50 each
NO exhaust valves at this time

Valve cover, $8

Throttle plate for Hercules L, no spring, $10


Hercules L throttle rod, $45

Hercules NXB oil pipes, $10


Lower water pipe, similar to above, $12

Set of head bolts, $12

Cast Oil pan for Hercules NXB, $45

Fan bracket for Hercules NXB, $15

Hercules L Hoods:

Hercules L hood #1, nice condition- radiator cap hole was enlarged and there are two slots cut into the front, $150


Hercules L hood #2, nice condition- needs some repair at the bottom rear corners, $150


Hercules L tank- the bottom has rusted out and was repaired with fiberglass- it will need further repair- as-is, $35

Gas tank strap, $8

Hercules L base, as-is, $20

Clutch pedal, $20

Clutch rod, $15

Clutch fork and shaft for Hercules L- $25

Clutch housing with shaft, no throwout bearing, $70 (45 lb)

AL20293T, Rear bearing retainer, $10

AL2240T, Shaft in clutch housing, $35

Engine house rear support, $20

Transmission Parts for top shift transmission

(For side shift parts, see the L/LA transmission parts page)

Most components available for top shift type transmission that was used prior to serial # 628999. Email for prices on individual parts.


Transmission cover and lever, $35


Front end parts


Steering arm for fixed front, no breaks or repairs, but ball is bent, $25

Fixed front drag link with all internal parts on both ends, $35

Fixed front end #2, very nice condition, both steering arms have no breaks or repairs, $150


Correct early Hercules L wheel (no weight mounting holes)- this one has acrack and a chip on one of the inner webs. I can remove and discard the tire if you want), $35