John and Kathy Boehm
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Parts for Oliver 60

Clutch, Transmission, Brake, and Final Drive Parts


Bell housing for flywheel and clutch, $20

Timing hole cover, $10

Clutch rod, $10

Brake band, bands are good, lining is oil soaked and worn and should be replaced, $10 each

Brake cover, $7

Shift rails, $5 each (Longer rail is sold)

Shift forks, $10 each
Cover plates. $5 each

Oiler gear and shaft, $25

Pinion and shaft, $25

H621 Sliding gear (1st, 3rd, reverse) 35 teeth, $25


H612 Transmission double gear (22 and 26 teeth)

H615 countershaft with H1066 bevelled pulley drive gear, $25

Miscellaneous transmission parts, ask

Differential bull pinion, $15 each, specify wide or narrow bearing


Differential brake drum nut, $8 each

Diferential gear, $10 each
Differential lock washer, $4 each

Differential bearing housing cover, left or right, $5each


Transmission oil trough, $8

Transmission front cover, $12


Complete axle assembly with wheel hub, $80 (125 lb, can ship UPS), one available (left and right are the same)

Hub bolt, $2


Pto control lever and retainer plate, $10

Pto housing and input shaft, $10

Flipper cover for pto shaft, $10


Pto shaft gear and operating lever (housing is broken, other parts okay), $20