John and Kathy Boehm
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Electrical Parts for Dubuque Tractors: John Deere 420, 430, 440


Delco 1107165 Heavy duty Starter, works well, rebuk-ilt by my local auto electric shop with new switch, contact button, and bendix, $275


M1863T Starter switch lever with like new, slightly used switch, $20

M1863T Starter switch lever, $10

Starter levers, $10 each, your choice

T10437T starter rod, no knob, $12

T10437T starter rod, wirh original knob, $20



Derlco distributor 1112571, good condition, $50

Holddown clips and bolts for distributor,$10 per set

AM3492T Tachometer. as-is, may need work, $20

AM3130T Tacometer drive,$45

AM1661T Pressure switch for Hobbs hour meter, not tested, sold as-is, $15

Straight adaptor for pressure switch, $8

AM1864T (AF2749R) Ammeter, not tested, $20


Mounting bolt set for generator, includes M386T pivot bolt, $10

M245T Generator adjusting link, $8

M646T front light bracket with T11022T front arm with AM3257T (AT10571T) Front lamp with M640T clamp, nice original guide lens, not tested, may need rewiring, $65

Rear light (no lens with bracket, $20

6 volt coil with mounting bracket, $8

Coil bracket, $5

New, never used braided ground straps, 9 inch or 15 inch, $9 each

Nearly new cable battery to starter, $7

- (G)

Remote plug, $10 , your choice

Voltage regulator, $10

This voltage regulator came from a running and charging 420, $16

Battery hold down bracket, $10

Good, tested Delco starter for 2030, 2630, and many other models, came from a running tractor,$120