John and Kathy Boehm
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For Sale Cushman Cub EngineParts

Special Deal: 7% Discount on purchases over $100 (Payment by personal check or cash only to qualify)


Fuel line for pattern, $4

Block #2, no breaks or repairs noted, piston bore is clean and smooth, $50


Dipstick, as-is, $5

Engine base #1, extra deep, $35

Engine base #3, $30

Piston with rings and piston pin, $17 each, one available

Push rod, $7

Valve spring, $4

Push rod spring, $8

Adjustable push rod, $8

Post for cam gear, $14

Cam gear, $25

Weight for governor, $10 each, three available

Brass part on governor, $10, one available



Crankshaft, very good condition with one flywheel, $50

Flywheel #1, $20

Crankshaft shims, $6

Retainer at crankshaft, $10

Retainer at crankshaft, $5

Plate with speed control stop, $8

Pressed speed control arm, $15

Speed control rod inside engine, $5
Speed control arm inside engine, $10

Speed control spring inside engine, $12

Speed control adjustment with knob, $10

Stud for speed control pieces, $5