John and Kathy Boehm
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Wheels, Rims, and

Tires for Various Tractors


TIRES: Please note that shipping costs on tires is high and rarely makes economic sense. Best if you can pick them up here in Woodland, CA


Sonic 11.2-34, has a good boot at the indicated cut, will hold air and be usable for moving a tractor around, includes tube, $25



Pair of BF Goodrich Power Grip 9.5-32 tires, 45 degree bars are 80-90 percent, some sidewall weather checks, One tube is inculded, $300/pair
These tires can be shippede UPS, but shipping cost is likely as much or more than their actual cost



Firestone 11.2-28 tire, was holding air, has significant sidewall cracking, Free if you pick it up here



General 14.9-26, with tube, decent tread, held air when dismounted, $100


Firestone 14.9-26, some wetherchecking and wear on the bars, but it held air when dismounted, $50


Pair of Unico 9.5-24 matched tires, hold air with some weather checks and cracks, free if you pick up here (no shipping)

9.5-24, $50

Riverside Power Trac 9.5-24, $50

Goodyear 9.5-24, will hold air, free if you pick it up here


Phillips 66 12.4-24 in very good condition, $60


Goodyear 12.4-24, 70% tread, slight wetherchecking, with tube, $60

Summit 12.4-24, good sidewall, good tread, $40


BF Goodrich 12.4-24 with tube, $60



Firestone 11.2-38, show some weatherchecking, good tread, includes tube, $50


Two 11.2-38 tires, they were holding air, but tread is worn and wetherchecked. Free if you pick up here, tubes available at $20 each



BF Goodrich 12.4-42 tire#1 in very good condition with good tube, $250


BF Goodrich 12.4-42 tire#2 in very good condition with good tube, $225


7.50-18 tire and tube, some weatherchecking, $25


13-30 tire with good tube, $40


7.50-16 sound condition, $15


Pair of weatherchecked 6.50-16 tires with tubes, not pretty but usable, Free with any order, but they will be expensive to ship

Above are two different rims that appear to have been cut off from JD A steel wheels, the rims are 50" diameter and ?" wide, $80 each

40 inch rim with heavy duty mounting plate, $40 each, two available, 160 pounds each