John and Kathy Boehm
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Massey-Harris Pony Steering, Front End, Front and Rear Wheels Parts


Steering gear parts:

Clamp for steering tube, $4

Fixed front end parts:


850 036 M1 Thrust bearing, $12

Front axle, fixed (standard) front end, $30, your choice

Right Steering arm, fixed front, 850 034 M1, $15

Steering arm at steering box for fixed front, $12

Drag link, fixed front, $25

Fixed front tie rod, you straighten it, $20


Adjustable front end parts

Adjustable axle clamp, $10

Pin for adjustable axle clamp, $5

Adjustaqble aqxle clamp with pin, $15

Knee for adj. front axle (please note that there are two different heights for these knees- let me know what overall length you need), $15

Extra long knee for adjustable front axle, $20 each, two available

850 036 M1 Thrust bearing, $12

Early style front pivot pin for front axle, $5

Tie rod for adjustable axle, $35, onr only is available

Bell crank for adjustable front end, no breaks or repairs, $90

Left hand steering arm for adjustable axle, $15

Right hand steering arm for adjustable axle, $15

These steering arms for adjustable front, $20 for the pair.

Front hubs, wheels, and weights for both fixed and adjustable front ends:


Front wheel Hubs, $25 each, several available

Hubcaps, $13 each

Spindle nut and washer, $5

5.00-15 tire, similar to above, usable $10-$20, depending on condition

Rear centers, rims, and weights:

Factory Massey Harris rear wheel weight, 100 pounds, $50 eac, 4 available


Pony rear wheel centers, straight, not bent, good holes, $45 each (24 lb.)

Bolt and nut for rear rim to rear wheel center, $1.50 each