John and Kathy Boehm
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Massey-Harris Pony Brake, Clutch, Transmission, Final Drive, PTO, and Belt Pulley Parts

Front frame and serial tag PGA17746, $75, no breaks or repairs

Lever and shaft for yoke, $10

Operating lever for clutch throwout bearing, $7

Throwout bearing with carrier, $30

Return spring for throwout bearing, $10

Clutch pressure plate, $25

Clutch disk, good lining $30

Clutch rod, $10

Clutch pedal, $10

Special bolt for mounting clutch pedal, $10 each, your choice


Driveshaft , $

Brake pedals and mounting bracket, $25

Brake rods, $5 each, several available


Brake band with used lining, $25

Brake operating lever with pin for brake band, $20 each

Torque tube, similar to above, excellent cond. $60, 135 lb., can ship UPS), 850046M51

Transmission breather bolt for seat bracket, $10


Transmission case, visual inspection reveals no cracks or repairs. Inside of case had water standing and any remaining bearings or races may need to be replaced. Sold as-is, $75, can ship UPS


- -

Rear transmission cover, $15 each, your choice


Transmission input shaft with no bearing, $12

Transmission input shaft with snap ring, bearing, and used oil seal, $30

Spacer on input shaft, $4

- =

26 tooth gear on input shaft, $20 each your choice

15 tooth gear on input shaft, some pitting. $20 as-is

18 tooth gear on input shaft, some pitting. $20 as-is


Washer and special bolt for pinion shaft, $5

31tooth/23 tooth gear on pinion shaft, $40


Reverse idler gear and shaft, $25, your choice

Carrier housings for differential bearings, $10 each


Final drive pinion shaft with pinion gear and bearing, $25

Final drive Pinion gear $15 (two available)

Final drive pinion shaft, $10

Final drive bearing: $10

Final drive brake drum, $15

Brake spring inside brake cover, $8 each

Rear axle with bearings, sleeve, and nut, Excellent condition, $50

Rear axle with no bearings or sleeve, Excellent condition, $35

Final drive bull gear, $50

Final drive housings, no breaks or welds, $25 each, can ship UPS (95 lb)

Final drive bottom cover, $13

Round cap, $10 each, Other various final drive and brake covers, $5 each