John and Kathy Boehm
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Massey-Harris Pony HydraulicParts, Lift Parts, and Implements

Brace is broken at the point circled in blue

Pony blade with mounting brackets and hydraulic cylinder. I can supply photos of the mounted blade to aid in its reassembly, $200

Three point hitch with mounting brackets, I have photos of the hitch on the tractor before disassembly to aid in its installation. $100


Belt to drive hydraulic pump, $5

Partial original hydraulic line, unfortunately these have been cut as shown and need some repair, $20

Crank jaw nut used to drive the front mounted hyd. pump

Front mounted Hydraulic pump and resevoir, includes crak jaw that replaces the existing one to drive the pump off the crankshaft. Pump has a mounting bracket to attach to the frame and mounts between the grill and the radiator- no cutting of any sheet metal needed. The rtesevor mounts on the right front side of the engine. $90

Control valve for above pump, $20

Bracket for hydraulic hoses, $5

Pony cultivator parts, will sell individual parts-let me know what you need, or will make you a good deal on the whole lot.