John and Kathy Boehm
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Massey-Harris Pony Engine Parts


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TSV47 carburetor, everything moves freely as it should, easy cleanup to rebuild, $100



Block #2, standard bore, smooth bores, fair valve seats- some may need replacing, no cracks, breaks, or repairs noted by visual inspection, includes main bearing caps, The hole that holds the generator bracket stud is partially broken out as shown, the pieces are included. One of the cylinder walls has a gouged out area as shown. $60, as-is, can ship UPS


1 500 016 M1, Crankshaft gear, $15

Washer on crankshaft, $7

Oil slinger $7

Crankshaft thrust washers, $30 for the pair or $15 each


Crankshaft pulley #1, no breaks or repairs, $40


Crankshaft pulley #2, no breaks or repairs, $40

Crank jaw and washer on end of crankshaft, $15

Crank guide, $7

Valve set with springs, keepers, and rotator caps, set is complete except for one of the half round retainer clips that is missing, $80
Available individually: intake valves, $8 each (Note: no exhaust valves available); Springs, $3 each, Retainers, $3 each, keeper pins, $1 each
Half round retainer clips, not available, Rotator caps, $12.50 each

New valve guide: $8

Valve lifters, $4 each. $20 for the set of 8

Cam gear, $10

Cam gear $10

Novi Governor assembly for later tractors, $35

Camshaft thrust plate, $6


Manifold with muffler, good condition, no breaks or repairs, $100

Manifold with muffler, good condition, no breaks or repairs, $100

Oil pressure relief valve assembly, $19

Oil Pump, Used and usable, with minimal play between gears, $45

Oil pickup tube and strainer, $15

Throttle lever, sold
Arm at bottom of throttle lever, sold
Clamp, $5

Front engine cover, $30

Rear engine seal housing, $10

Engine side cover with breather, $10

Oil pan, $12

Plug for oil pan, $5


Two views of a decent radiator, there is one core leak that will need ot be repaired, $120


Radiator #2, no leaks, was filled with antifreeze solution when tractor was parted, includes mounting sides, one side piece needs resoldering at top tank, $150


Lower water pipe on engine, $15, similar to above

Engine mounts, $8/pair

Special nut, $5


Electrical parts:

Distributor cap, Autolite, $8

Spark plug wire holder, $12