John and Kathy Boehm
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John Deere Model L Tractor




Here is a video of the running tractor:



This Model L tractor starts easily and runs well. The owner fitted it with live hydraulics through a front mounted hydraulic pump, which is used to operate a Category 1 three point hitch. The hydraulic components are all new and has a float position. The three point hitch has some parts from a 40U, some parts are fabricted. All of the hydraulic and three point parts are bolted on (nothing is welded to the frame) and could be removed to return the tractor to original (the seat bracket is modified, but a regular seat bracket is easily obtainable). This tractor was used to pull a four foot category one spring tooth harrow, which it handled well. The rear wheel weights give it the added traction needed for some implements.

The tractor itself has an interesting history. The frame is solid rather than the hollow frame usually found on LA or LI tractors. There is no tag or evidence that there ever was a serial tag. Jack Kreeger, a recognized L series espert, thought the frame was probably late LA or LI. This tractor has the more powerful LA engine and probably an LA transmission, but has L final drives and wheels. The brakes and the roller bearing steering box are both the later style. The front axle is the shorter knee type with 1 3/8" sp[indles. The steering box support is a rarely seen cast iron type instead of the usual welded support. The radiator was recored an inch shorter to allow room for the hydraulic pump. Starting with a hand crank is not possible due to the location opf the pump. Starting is by electric starter operated with a solenoid switch. Sheet metal is way above average. Tires are good with the correct 22 inch rear wheels for an L. This would be a unique addition for any collection, whether it is your first tractor or if you own several variations of L Series tractors already.

Located in Woodland, CA
Transport arrangements may be possible